Final Issue - #149 - September 2016

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Farewell Message from Margriet Ruurs,
founder of KIdsWWwrite

Kids writing stories, poems -
Ideas jotted down, imagination running wild,
Developing as writers,
Sharing dreams and a love of
Words waiting to be written -
Writers of all ages
Reading, creating
Incredible poems and stories.
Thank you, teachers for
Encouraging kids to write!

Nearly eighteen years ago, I created the KIdsWWwrite e-zine as a way to help children share the stories and poems they wanted to write.
A meeting at Okanagan University College in Vernon led to the never-faltering support of staff there to host this online site. Soon, stories and poems started pouring in. Teachers discovered our online resource and encouraged students to share their writing. I edited thousands of stories, contacted each author, and was thrilled to see so many kids creating stories and wonderful poems. Some submissions really stood out and touched the hearts of readers all over the world. We received submissions from over thirty countries.

Many years later, a new editor volunteered time and effort.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those who used, supported, and made this site possible. Thank you, webmasters and others.

Together I believe we helped to create readers and writers, and helped children to discover the joy of playing with language.

Even when KIdsWWwrite is no longer available, I hope they all continue to be authors.

Margriet Ruurs

Goodbye and Thank You!
After fifteen years and 149 issues of stories, poems and reviews from young writers aged five to sixteen, KIdsWWwrite is ceasing publication. New technologies and new outlets for children and teenagers who want others to read what they have written have meant that there has been a decline in submissions to the point where we are unable to continue producing our online magazine.

The success of KIdsWWwrite in providing such a long-lived platform for youngsters’ creativity is due mostly to the work of Margriet Ruurs, the anthology's founder and editor. Thanks also go to Ross Tyner and Jeremy Beaulne of Okanagan College for acting as webmasters, a big job, and always done with speed and precision; Karen Packalen and Jenny Daughtry, who coordinated the Sarah's Stars book reviews; Laura Hebert and Sasha Johnston, who contributed in editing later issues; and Ellen Heaney, who replaced Margriet as the editor of KIdsWWwrite two years ago.

John Lent and Craig McLuckie, who founded the Kalamalka Institute for Working Writers with Ross Tyner, also played an important role in the early years of KIdsWWwrite.

Click here to read a history of KIdsWWwrite written by our original webmaster, Ross Tyner.

Click here to read about Sarah's Stars, our book reviews feature.

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