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Issue #88 (April 2010)

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bullet Daphne. Just a Dream?
bullet Daphne. Life as an Elephant
bullet Adelle. Disorder


bullet Michael. A Passion for Baseball
bullet Kathryn. Daniel, My Hero
bullet Kristin. Mini-Me
bullet Jake. Leonidas, King of Sparta
bullet Ethan. Extra Tooth
bullet Nicholaa. The Weird Night
bullet Grace. The Quest
bullet Jin. Alcohol
bullet Jake. Amazing Day
bullet Bubba. Semper Fi



Esther. Roller Skating

bullet Esther. Hungry Puppy


bullet Omar. My Life
bullet Michael. Jigsaw
bullet Kalei. Music in My Dreams
bullet Brittney. Bubble
bullet Alize. Rain Kisses
bullet Gage. Opposites
bullet Evan. Balloon
bullet Joana. A Blue Dream
bullet Quinn. Summer
bullet Caleb. The Predator
bullet Megan. River of Stars
bullet Leah. First Kiss
bullet Devin. The Dark Jungle
bullet Celine. Water Power
bullet Max. Alligator
bullet Samantha. Nature
bullet Celine. Puppy
bullet Rebecca. A Man Named Shamus
bullet Rebecca. Winter Trail
bullet Rebecca. A Ball
bullet Kallie. I AM
bullet Kayla. Camping
bullet Elena. Bat and Cat
bullet Rachel. People


bullet Courtney. Endless Love
bullet Melody. The Purple Glasses
bullet Mia. Window Waiting
bullet Emily. He Is Incredible
bullet Storm. Tiny Feet
bullet Storm. Winter Morning
bullet Monet. The Cloud of Unhappiness
bullet Alex. Concrete
bullet Monet. Sunshiny Day
bullet Caleb. Thief, a Soccer Poem
bullet Emily. Scream and Shout
bullet Sarah. Russian Language
bullet Marisa. Visions of Shaggy Pirates Dueling by My Bed
bullet Jenny. Limp Petals
bullet Joseph. Dreams
bullet Lauren. Can't You See?
bullet Demery. Hoofprints on Your Heart
bullet Kyle. Ocean Waves
bullet Tanner. My Failure
bullet Krishna. Colors
bullet Krishna. Me, Myself, and I
bullet Krishna. Fear
bullet Krishna. Last Day
bullet Ben. Breeze
bullet Chelsea. Worthy
bullet Melissa. Love
bullet Jessica. A Girl and a Boy
bullet Melissa. Child's Play
bullet Melissa. A Friend
bullet Melissa. Driver's Ed
bullet Melissa. Deep Sea Diving
bullet Talia. Spring Shall Come Parading In
bullet Jessica. My Love
bullet Nick. Basketball
bullet Tyler. Love Is Fair
bullet Christian. Fall
bullet Trina. My Place


bullet Anastasia. The Dragon in the Sock Drawer
bullet Anika. Guardian Angel House
bullet Anika. Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur and Jacob Two-Two on the High Seas
bullet An-Mei. Dandelion Fire (100 Cupboards Trilogy, Book Two)
bullet An-Mei. A Very Big Bunny
bullet Koryn. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
bullet Koryn. Ortega
bullet Victoria. The Nine Pound Hammer (The Clockwork Dark, Book I)

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