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Issue #85 (December 2009)

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bullet Keladry. The Adventures of the Cat and the Dog
bullet Shalene. Always
bullet Julie. Best Friends
bullet Charlie. No Hands on the Bike
bullet Ayanna. Blind
bullet Prarthana. The Castle of Estruate
bullet Jared. Drawing
bullet Sunayana. Best Friends
bullet Shefali. Friendship
bullet Chris. The Ghost of the Eiffel Tower
bullet John. The Happening
bullet Kayla. The Case of the Old House
bullet Dang. Getting My Job
bullet Mia. Light in the Storm
bullet Maria. Family Trip to Mexico
bullet Koryn. Let's Do Nothing!
bullet Kiyana. November
bullet Maria. The Quinciaera Party
bullet Sunayana. Mendy, Tendy and the Pig
bullet Paul. A Poem
bullet Adriana. Learning to Ride
bullet Koryn. A Book of Sleep
bullet Caleb. The Elements of Soccer
bullet Shefali. Sonnet
bullet Dylan. The Missing Squeaky Toy
bullet Evan. The Case of the Missing Train
bullet Sara. Why
bullet Mehli. Amazing Yellowstone
bullet Brock. Night of the Living Zombie
bullet Samantha. Charlie Bone and the Red Knight (Review)
bullet Esme. The Contest (Review)
bullet Esme. Extra Credit (Review)
bullet Koryn. The Gingerbread Pirates (Review)
bullet Samantha. Spellbinder (Review)
bullet Emma. Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star (Review)
bullet Koryn. Timmerman Was Here (Review)
bullet Emma. The Yellow Tutu (Review)
bullet Anastasia. When You Reach Me (Review)
bullet Koryn. Yummy: Eight Favourite Fairy Tales (Review)

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