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Issue #84 (November 2009)

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bullet Caleb. Failed Attempt
bullet Hanna. Broomstick Ride
bullet Bria. If the World Was Made of Hot Chocolate
bullet Drew. Rollercoaster!
bullet Adriana. The Lost Dog
bullet Ishaan. The Bald Eagle
bullet Ishaan. Fall
bullet Maura. Falling
bullet Keladry. My Favourite Things
bullet Lindsey. Forever Your Teddy Bear
bullet Sofia. To Forget
bullet Jack. The Garden
bullet Hannah. Hali's Park
bullet Tyler. Happiness of Fall
bullet Amber. Heaven
bullet Amber. Hope
bullet Amber. Love Spelled in Ink
bullet Sean. The Knights of Earth
bullet Jenny. Just Luck?
bullet Amber. Missing Someone
bullet Hanna. To Mommy
bullet Ishaan. Mother Nature
bullet Alyssa. The Needle
bullet Keval. A New Day Is Born
bullet Zach. Night
bullet Brian. The Nightmare on Kingston Street
bullet Bria. There Once...
bullet Spencer. Well of Power
bullet Anika. Pride and Anger
bullet Justin. The Car Race
bullet Aditi. The Wedding Ring
bullet Jenny. R.I.P. Samantha
bullet Caleb. The Winning Shot
bullet Morgan. Spiders I Hate Them
bullet Michelle. The Vase
bullet Jin. Veritas
bullet Tyler. Waiting
bullet Danielle. The Weird Kid
bullet Hanna. Wonderful, Wonders of Chocolate
bullet Brandon. Wrestling
bullet Rachel. You
bullet Koryn. A Child's Garden (Review)
bullet Samantha. Cookie (Review)
bullet Koryn. Dieppe: Canada's Darkest Day of World War II (Review)
bullet Koryn. The Dragon of Trelian (Review)
bullet Koryn. Fang of the Vampire (Review)
bullet Esme. School of Fear (Review)
bullet Victoria. The New Girl (Review)
bullet Esme. Maddy's Amazing African Birthday (Review)
bullet Taya. Word Nerd (Review)
bullet Esme. Piper Reed Gets a Job (Review)
bullet Anika. My Story: The Great Plague (Review)
bullet Samantha. Princess Forever (Review)
bullet Koryn. Sent (Review)
bullet Emma. The Unusual Mind of Vincent Shadow (Review)
bullet Emma. The Robe of Skulls: Tales from the Five Kingdoms (Review)
bullet Esme. The Witch's Journal (Review)

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