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Issue #83 (October 2009)

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bullet Subhashri. Eternal Bliss
bullet Drew. Eraser
bullet Drew. Country Fair
bullet Kristen. Don't Influence Me
bullet Subhashri. Krishna's Flute
bullet Adriana. Selena and the Frog
bullet Kristina. My Invisible Shackles
bullet Kailee. Stick Together
bullet Sophia. Love, Aubrey (Review)
bullet Koryn and Carson. Baby Pie (Review)
bullet Esme. Beryl: A Pig's Tale (Review)
bullet Anika. The Diary of Laura's Twin (Review)
bullet Esme. Everything for a Dog (Review)
bullet Koryn. Found (Review)
bullet Anastasia. Watching Jimmy (Review)
bullet Victoria. Death in Kingsport (Review)
bullet Koryn. Pip: The Story of Olive (Review)
bullet Anika. Saara's Passage (Review)
bullet Koryn. The Shifter (Review)
bullet Victoria. Skellig (Review)
bullet Lindsey. The Sorceress (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Sophomore Switch (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines (Review)

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