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Issue #82 (September 2009)

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bullet Jasmeen. It Will Be Alright
bullet Sienna. The Assignment
bullet Melissa. Autumn
bullet Elise. The Song of the Beach
bullet Sofia. A Beautiful Night
bullet Teddy. The Beings in My Room
bullet Teddy. What Is Blue?
bullet Aleisha. The Moon Moth Caterpillar
bullet Heather. Crystal Clear
bullet Samantha. Crystal Tears
bullet Stephanie. As the Days Go By
bullet Gene. The Desert Path
bullet Aisling. Different
bullet Kristen. I'm Done
bullet Alexander. Open the Door
bullet Aisling. Dragon
bullet Katianne. Duck Pond
bullet Elise. Fall
bullet Melissa. Far Away
bullet Koryn. Flora's Dare
bullet Fredrica. Friends
bullet Alexander. I'm Part German
bullet Adrian. Sad Turned Into Glad
bullet Justin. I Can Hear
bullet Elexus. The Key to My Heart
bullet Anna. Not So Nice Knights
bullet Prarthana. Aerial Lake
bullet Erin. Life
bullet Ramna. Life
bullet Nicole. Lost Memory
bullet Kristina. In Memory of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson
bullet Kathryn. By the Light of the Moon
bullet Emmah. Musings
bullet Stephanie. The Nightmare
bullet Alexander. Noon Time, Lunch Time
bullet Fredrica. Our Beloved Ocean
bullet Jodelle. Olivia's Mission
bullet Katlin. The One
bullet Amber. Summer Is Over
bullet Maheep. My Parents
bullet Melissa. Random
bullet Swetha. By the River
bullet Fredrica. Running
bullet Emmah. The Seashore
bullet Alexandra. They Shaved My Head
bullet Aisling and Alexandra. Black Sheep
bullet Anna. The First Slingshot
bullet Rosemarie. These Streets
bullet Melissa. Traitor
bullet Omar. Kirsten and the Turtles of Indonesia
bullet Ramna. No One Walks Where I Have Walked
bullet Katlin. The War
bullet Mia. Beating the Waves
bullet Isabelle. Werewolf Problems
bullet Anastasia. The Last Apprentice: The Spook's Tale and Other Horrors (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Cleavage: Breakaway Fiction for Real Girls (Review)
bullet Koryn and Carson. The Dunderheads (Review)
bullet Lindsey. The Forest of Hands and Teeth (Review)
bullet Anika. The Gargoyle in My Yard (Review)
bullet Koryn. The Grump (Review)
bullet Anastasia. Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow (Review)
bullet Esme. Scat (Review)
bullet Anika. Second Watch (Review)
bullet Koryn. The Storm in the Barn (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Swim the Fly (Review)
bullet Esme. Timothy and the Dragon's Gate (Review)
bullet Esme. Sheep in Wolves' Clothing (Review)

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