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Issue #80 (June 2009)

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bullet Tialiyah. 555 Bristol Street
bullet Emmanuel. Aged
bullet Cassandra. Attitude
bullet Inonge. Attitude
bullet Luke. The Battlefield
bullet Justin. B-Ball
bullet Emmanuel. New Beginning
bullet Sam. Good Queen Bess
bullet Natasha. My Bestie and Me
bullet Kristin. Losing a Friend Bites
bullet Chenzira. Broken-Hearted Girl
bullet Erick. Las Calles Oscuras
bullet Erica. Cat Fight
bullet Sebastian. Like a Box of Chocolates
bullet Jael. Daddy Loves Coffee Pots
bullet Kayla. What a Day
bullet Sophia. My Dear Old Dog
bullet Josiah. The Trouble with Dogs
bullet Andrea. Dreams
bullet Sophia. I Am Everywhere
bullet Inonge. Excitement
bullet Brandon. The Fire
bullet Daisy. The Dead Flower
bullet Sarai. I'm Gone Forever
bullet Stephanie. Freedom
bullet Achante. A Friend
bullet Sebastian. Friends
bullet Gaston. My Favorite Game
bullet Brandon. The Gardens
bullet Sanhee. Respect Is Green
bullet Brianna. Gymnastics
bullet Regan. Haunted House
bullet Rushil. Opening Hearts
bullet Chenzira. Her Life
bullet Sam. Homerun
bullet Rosemarie. July
bullet Alex. York Keys
bullet Erica. Klondike Rush
bullet Annette. Leap of Faith
bullet Evan. My Life
bullet Astrid. Lights Out
bullet Imani. Chapped Lips
bullet Hannah. The Locked Box
bullet Caroline Ann. When You Look Into Her Eyes
bullet Paul. Love
bullet Stephanie. Love
bullet Cassandra. Love
bullet Gautier. Matchless
bullet Jack. The Most Important Meal of the Day
bullet Sanhee. Melancholy
bullet Jack. The Missed Tender
bullet Devin. Mom
bullet Careem. Mommy
bullet Jane. Momo
bullet Jahmarey. Moms and Dads
bullet Miranda. Monsoon
bullet Adhar. Happy Mother's Day
bullet Lovell. The Outside Looking In
bullet Sayonna. Letting Go of the Past
bullet Lovell. The Place
bullet Bria. There is a poem
bullet Justin. 44th President of the United States
bullet Jamila. Race
bullet Sophia. Rain
bullet Paul. Respect
bullet Bianca. Respect
bullet Carlie. Sacred to Love
bullet Bianca. I Detest School Days!
bullet Alicia. I'm Not Who I Seem
bullet Kiana. Dark Shadows
bullet Stephanie. Silence/Noise
bullet Daisy. The Sky
bullet Brandon. The Soldier
bullet Victoria. It Struck 3...
bullet Lindsey. Think --> Say
bullet Josiah. Thunderstorms
bullet Tialiyah. Tialiyah
bullet Tialiyah. Time
bullet Lovell. Torment
bullet Daisy. Trying
bullet Mia. Tucson: The Home of My Happiness
bullet Tyler. The Unexpected Friend
bullet Regan. Waking Up
bullet Trisha. You Don't Always Get What You Want
bullet Bria. Life Beyond the Waves
bullet Tyler. Wee Wittle Warriors
bullet Regan. Why?
bullet Regan. The Wonder of It All
bullet Victoria. Wonders of the World
bullet Rushil. In Another World
bullet Justin. Yell
bullet Taya. Abela: The Girl Who Saw Lions (Review)
bullet Victoria. Afrika (Review)
bullet Tyler. Battle Fleet (Review)
bullet Esme. Blood Upon Our Land (Review)
bullet Sophia. The Curse of the Campfire Weenies (Review)
bullet Anastasia. High Fences (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Cycler (Review)
bullet Koryn. Flora Segunda (Review)
bullet Koryn. Pete's Gold (Review)
bullet Madisyn. Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute (Review)
bullet Koryn. Monks in Space (Review)
bullet Samantha. The Museum's Secret (Review)
bullet Grace. Help Me, Mr. Mutt! (Review)
bullet Anika. I So Don't Do Mysteries (Review)
bullet Anika. Puppet (Review)

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