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William New. The Year I was Grounded
Tradewind $12.95  ISBN 978-1-896580-35-7  104 pg.
Reviewed by Joe, Age 13

But who am I?  It could take me a whole year to figure that one out. 
Maybe more.

When Geordie is given a journal from his grandparents, he is not sure what to do with it.  He decides to write about his day and then does this for the year. Join Geordie as he goes through a year in his life.

The Year I was Grounded is about a boy who receives a journal and writes in it for a year.  The book includes poems, journal entries and brainteasers. I think that it is suitable for ages 10-13. William New has written four books and The Year I was Grounded is his latest.

For me, I found this book to be uninteresting because of the changes in the writing format throughout the story.  Youíll find poetry mixed in with the journal entries. Some of it rhymes, and some of it didnít. I did like the brainteasers because that was different from a normal book. I could somewhat see the story progressing in my mind, but the description and detail of the events in the story were sometimes lacking.  I think that the main character Geordie was well described, while the other characters were not focused on as much.  Unfortunately, the ending left me feeling unsatisfied. Although I didnít like this style of book, other people may. The format is different from other books Iíve read, so it took a while to get used to.

The Year I was Grounded is easy to read. I give it 2 stars.


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