The Wonders of My Room
Hannah, Age 12, Matthews, NC

My room is me - casual but elegant, cute but sassy.
My snow white furniture glistens like a snow day
as it sits in its spectacular arrangement.
My black and white reversible comforter
hugs my bed tight, inviting me to lie down and relax.
My clear caves for my gummy bears
and sour patch kids sit like a statue on my dresser
teasing with their sugar-sweet delight.
Black and pink curtains dance to the rhythm
of my television, as the actors recite their scripts.
The white, rowdy west-highland terrier
named Coconut prances in without a worry
on his mind as the chubby, black cat
named Sassie lurks around the corner.
The inviting smell of Coco Chanel and Juicy Couture perfume
invites you in as the fan gives a cool chill down your back.
On the other side of the room you see piles of pajamas
and yesterdays clothes almost in a perfect ball.
As you continue to gaze around the room, in the background you
can hear all of my favorite songs echoing in a constant stream
through the iPod on my nightstand.
This is my place of peace, my place to unwind,
my place to get away, my place to be me -
It is my room.

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