The Seasons of Nature and Life
Sonja, Age 14, Tucson, AZ

Spring has come and so has life
Freeing the world from cold and strife
Babies born, new life abounds
The chirping birds newly found

Little green buds revealing leaves
The newly forming webs to weave
Dewy dewdrops covír the world
Life begins anew unfurled

Summerís arrived with heat and fun
Water fights, and water guns
The timeís arrived to play in the pool
Times to forget the dreaded school

Barbeques to go to, movies to see
Fireflies to catch, places to be
But eventually the grand Summer is done
Leaving me with memories of tremendous fun

Colored leaves float through the air
Floating freely without a care
They seem to say Autumnís here
Autumnís come do not fear

Whistling, whirling wind of west
Blows through trees and old bird nests
The squirrels scurrying hastily to and fro
Autumnís gone, and Winter is here with gusto

Snow has come and so has ice
Jack Frostís wintery breath has enticed
Each delicate snowflake is unique
Winterís come with snowy peaks

Sweet snow falls ovír the ground
Silently as without a sound
The next morning a world of white
A beautiful day full of joyful delight

Spring brings life and a new beginning,
Summer, a chance for playing and singing
Autumn, an opportunity to enjoy your schooldays
Winter, a time to reflect long past days.

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