My Old, Old Necklace
Jenny, Age 11, Langley, BC

[From my point of view]

I have this flip-flop necklace that has come all the way from Hawaii. How did it come from the Hawaii? Well, thatís an easy question. My friend Darien was in a dance competition, and her team was so good they got to go to Hawaii for 4 weeks or so. She got some free time to rest, and it sounded like she went around Hawaii and bought presents for her friends, which includes me. So she got different colours of flip-flop necklaces for her friends.

Darien was in Hawaii since spring break to the start or middle of May in 2008. When she was back, my friends and I were so excited to hear that sheís back, because we missed her, and of course, we expected her to bring something from Hawaii for every one of us. However, most people were disappointed, because she didnít give most of them any presents. One day, she called me over to the cubby hole and gave me the necklace.

ďDonít show it to anyone. They donít know that I have these and I am only giving YOU the necklace.Ē

I was very excited, because I knew that not everyone gets the necklace.
Now, itís kind of getting rusty because I never take it off, even when Iím swimming or taking shower, but I like it the way it is.


[From the necklaceís point of view]

I am a necklace that has a flip-flop charm on it. My master is a girl called Jenny. I could go on and talk about my master, but I want to go on with me. Well, I am with Jenny because I survived through an awful long (?) journey. Where am I from?? I am not from just any store in any place. I was from a shop in HAWAII! Isnít it like sooo awesome??

Like I said, I was sitting on the shelf like every necklace was supposed to. Then, a girl, who looked like 5th grader (which turned out to be right), came in with her mom. She started to look around, then, soon, her gaze stopped at me and some of my look a likes, or twins, if you prefer that. Anyway, she got me and about 10 more of my twins and started to walk to the cashier. I was excited that I will finally have a master, but I didnít expect this little journey of mine.

I found out that the girl who bought me and my twins was called Darien. And I also found out that she was here for the dance competition because she and her team were so good in highland dancing. Therefore, I knew that someday, I will have to travel back to wherever she came from, away from Hawaii, and that I was supposed to be a present for one of her friends.

I got on the plane with my twins and some of Darienís stuff. I was excited about going to new place, but I also felt a pang of sadness coming to me. I held back my tears and dreamed about what her country and the town will look like.

When I got out of her suitcase, I was in her living room. It didnít seem so different from the Hawaiian houses, but I never got to look out the window, yet. I stayed in Darienís drawer until the day she was going to give the present (me) to her best friend, Jenny (you remember her, donít you?). I was stuffed into her backpack, and when she took me out of her backpack, her and another girl in glasses that I thought might be Jenny, was standing over me and we were in a classroom. Thatís how I met Jenny.

Since that day, Jenny, my new master, never took me off from her neck. I loved it, but it was kind of painful when she even didnít take it off when she was in shower or when she was swimming. She only took it off at one period of time: when she and Darien had a huge fight. However, they are ok now, so Iím hanging from Jennyís neck again, and I am very grateful of that.

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