Mysterious Man
Stan, Age 12, Easton, CT

As Josh walked out into the bright sunlight he almost tripped on one of the steps in front of the hospital. Josh knows that his problem is worse than any other problem he has ever had. He has to rescue his family from the mysterious man. He knows he canít pull this off on his own, now Josh realizes that he needs a team of his best friends if he wants to save his mom. That night josh was sleeping at Tomís house, he was the only kid that lived alone in high school, and Josh had to get used to having his mom around. Josh really canít live by himself and at Tomís house they can plan and make training routine to practice until they have it perfect. But now Josh and Tom had to figure out who was going to be on their crew for the big rescue.

Of course Josh included Tom because he was really good with computers and could do almost anything online, Josh also got Sarah, the girl with a photographic memory, Jasmine a black belt martial arts instructor and a lock pick expert, Alex. He could run faster than any teenager in the country, and J.P. the person that could create a perfect plan and include everyone and their special ability.

Josh picked the perfect time to rescue his mom because summer break just started. Every single day for three weeks straight the crew came to Tomís house to practice and continue the plan, J.P. already had some parts of the plan.

10:30pm Tom kills all cameras to make sure they are not seen.
10:38pm Jasmine attacks front guards if there are any, knocking them out for at least five hours.
10:52pm Jasmine picks the lock on the door with her tool kit and gives us our entry ticket.
11:03pm Sarah memorizes the way from the front door to the prize and back so we donít get lost.
11:35pm Jasmine picks the lock of the door containing the prize.
11:41pm Alex looks for guards and if there are any starts to run through the halls creating a distraction and a clear way for us to escape.
11:43pm Josh carries prize to safety.
11:45pm J.P. call the police to make sure the mysterious man is caught.
11:53pm Meet up with Alex and dash around the house until the cops show up getting the guards arrested.
12:18am Go home and celebrate.

The whole three weeks were hard practice and practice until they could do the plan perfectly in less than 2 hours. Now the big day had come the day they had all practiced so long for, the day they wanted to come but also feared. As they were approaching the warehouse they went over there plan once more, after they were done going over the plan they suited up and went to action. As planned prom inside the vans Tom killed all the cameras and Jasmine hopped out in front of the guards, before the guards could reach for their alarm buttons they where attack by the ferocious beast named Jasmine. After a minute or two the two guards lay out cold in front of the big heavy front doors of the warehouse. Then Jasmine got ready to pick the lock when she found out that she forgot her lock picking tools at home, when Jasmine found this out she knew she had to work quickly. Like lightning Jasmine grabbed a piece of broken glass from the alleyway and jammed it into the lock and ďclick" the lock snapped open, they were inside. All six high school students ran inside and it was Sarahís turn to do her part, she memorized the whole way from the front door to the prize and all of the tripping wires and guards. When they got to the prize Jasmine this time had to use a small paper clip to open the door, with great relief the door open. Josh ran in but the second he saw what was in the cell he dropped to his knees and exploded into tears.

On the way back home Joshís spirit is crushed, he knows this man is tricky and he wonít give up, he will fight until he has nothing to fight with or for. When the crew gets to Tomís house they immediately start to work on a new plan and new practice forms. They keep working and practicing the plan until again its perfect and that they are sure that they cannot fail, the last plan they did not need the backup tools but they also left them at Joshís house. This time they were sure they would need them when they would practice they did the same thing over and over, it got kind of boring but the crew knew they could not let Josh down. This time they practiced only for two weeks, Jasmine got a brand new punching bag to practice on, Tom got new computer facts online, Sarah well, she did not really practice because she is already perfect at her talent so she couched Jasmine, J.P. learned new strategies and was able to make a plan within ten minutes so if this pla n went wrong he could always make a backup plan, Alex ran 12 miles a day to make sure he was fast enough but, for the last few days he would rest his legs, and then josh he was now able to lift 282 pound with trouble though. They thought they were ready two days before schedule but josh feared that they where not. They did train hard and they did put sweat and blood into it, well actually Jasmine missed the punching bag and accidentally hit her in the face with full strike power. When the two days where over Josh knew they were ready, as they were all getting into the van Josh noticed that the backup tools where missing, Tom told him that they were back at the house and asked Josh if he could go get them.ĒIíll be right back just go and start without me, I only come in at the end and I could take my momís car itís still in the garageĒ Josh said. So the van left as instructed and Josh walked across the street to his house.

As he entered the door there came a sudden punch from behind the door. As Josh was waking up he was tied up with ropes and he felt some other people tied to him with rope too, he looked around to see who they were. As he turned around he shocked, the people he was tied to where his friends and his family. Josh did not know the house they were in but he did recognize the mysterious man in front of him with his bodyguards, only one thing was different, this time they had big guns and some kind of a machete knife.

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