Ode to Memories
Catherine, Age 15, Beijing, China

There is no limit to that which the memory can extend
It’s reaching hands to grasp and defend
It might just be one of yesterday’s most comical moments
Or a terribly horrendous act of years ago
There is no difference though
They are, alike, memories, events,

however small, it does not matter
They are stories you can scold or flatter
Some may be sweet
And some may be sour
Each possesses its own power
However short, however fleeting.

Memories can appear both hideous and divine
Judged by your mind’s eye
To the hideous you say,
“Away away!”
But the divine are always welcome
Your mind cherishes their company
On cloudy days

Finally, memories are the key to keeping alive
People, places, events, long past
They awaken and revive
When all else is dead
Memories are still there
Ever and always, to remind you of times more blessed

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