Sarah's Stars

Emily Dickinson. My Letter to the World and Other Poems
Kids Can $18.95  ISBN 978-1-55453-103-5  42 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 16

Hope is the thing with feathers---
That perches in the soul---
And sings the tune without the words---
And never stops---at all---

I adore, adore books from the Visions in Poetry series! Bringing a poem to life with pictures only makes them more interesting. The poems are depicted extremely well by illustrator Isabelle Arsenault. Her illustrations make you think and look into the poem more than you previously would have. The pictures in My Letter to the World are particularly intriguing. I loved the use of colour and angles; it made for an extreme sense of wonder throughout the entire book. The poem itself confuses me still, but the pictures did help in their own way. This collection of poems has an essence about it that creates a sort of sadness in me…but may instill another emotion in someone else. The beauty of poetry is that it can have a different meaning for each reader, and more so when illustrated, creating yet another mood. That is what I enjoy so much about this collection of poems.

I give My Letter to the World five stars. A compelling read enhanced with illustrations that will keep you thinking. Another wonderful addition to the Visions in Poetry series! I recommend this book for people of all ages, as the young and old can enjoy both the style of writing and illustrating.


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