Dear Joann
Daisey, Age 11, Calgary, AB

Dear Joann,

On my ship in the expedition, it is very cold. We have just crossed the Arctic Circle, and that doesn't exactly make it any better. The captain of the ship is very strict. His cabin is far away from the other members of the expedition. Right now, we really need to concentrate on the sailing, because the captain has heard of early freeze-ups this year. We wouldn't want to be trapped in the ice.

The seamstress of our ship is named Dolores. She is really nice and makes sure everyone has warm parkas and mukluks to wear. Do you know what mukluks are? They are very warm boots. On the ship there are sled dogs called huskies. We have special sleds calles komatiks for them to pull. They are light but strong, which is very good for the huskies.

Every night, it gets colder. The water freezes lightly and it's hard to fall asleep with all the crunching and grinding. I wish the ice wouold just all melt in a sudden heat wave, but probably not for a little while. The ship rolls and we roll with it while we are sleeping. Freeze-ups could come any day, so we are very prepared. If the ice doesn't go to far, we can cut through it, but if not, we'd be trapped.

Now, I don't want to worry you, so I believe that the expedition will succeed and will be done as soon as possible. I have so much to tell you that I can't write on paper. Remember Dawn? She was our specially trained bird that would deliver my letters to our house. Once we get too far out, I will stop writing, because it will be too cold, and Dawn might not survive. Many of the other ship members have birds too, just in case they don't survive and their family will have something to remember them with.

Joann, I vow I will return home, safe and sound, just like the way I left. Thank you for all the letters that you sent. I wish you and the whole family well.

Your beloved brother,


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