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William New. The Year I was Grounded
Tradewind $12.95  ISBN 978-1-896580-35-7  104 pg.
Reviewed by Tyler, Age 13

Every October
my granddad used to say

On October mornings,
you can see figures in the fog-

giants, with no bones,
leaning sideways like old barn doors,
into patches of light-

or sometimes you can see black bears leaping,
playing black bear tag
where shadows twist in a cranberry bog-

by noon in the fall, they’ll have cleared
gone wherever holidays go,
after summer ends

The main character in this book is Geordie, and his parents have grounded him. Using journal entries, poetry and more, you’ll follow his day-to-day life for a year.

I think readers of all ages should read this book because the author knows how to blend words together to make poetry. The Year I was Grounded uses many types of poetry.  For example, you’ll read onomatopoeia, haiku and a great many more I have no name for. Although the poetry is suitable for younger children, the author will still captivate many adults.  And lastly William New was able to fit about 500 poems (maybe not 500, but lots) into the year deadline (Geordie’s grounded duration).

I give The Year I was Grounded 5 stars. If you like journal writing and poetry, this book will be a great read for you.


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