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Lisa Barham. Accidentally Fabulous
Simon Pulse $11.50  ISBN 978-1-4169-1445-7  181 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

Mia put her arm around me and beamed her best media smile.

"This is my new BFF, Hautelaw Girl."

Someone shouted, "Hey, it's Hautelaw Girl!" and we were instantly swarmed by paparazzi.

It's spring break in New York City which also means spring break in LA! Imogene and her best friend Evie are off to sun, sand and celebrities for a fashion-filled spring break at fashion camp. Days on end full of clothes, hot guys on the beach and an infinite amount of cute boutiques, all underneath the warm sun and all shared with her best friend. What more could Imogene want? When the pair arrive, Imogene is quite pleasantly surprised to discover that many fellow campers enjoy reading her style blog, where she writes under the name of Hautelaw Girl.  But in another turn of events, it seems that a popular Hollywood production company wants to purchase the rights to a film about Imogene's life! But when her snappy agent wants to change everything and a fellow celebrity turns out to be a traitor, Imogene realizes that maybe life in the fashion fast-lane isn't all it's cracked up to be. Will Hautelaw Girl make the right decision?

In a stylish sequel to Project Paris, author Lisa Barham gives eager readers exactly what they want: a sweet and chic update on Imogene's sassy life with lots of drama, fun outfits, glamour and of course, cute boys. One thing I definitely enjoy about this series is how each new installment takes place in a new city. The abrupt change from chic Paris to mellow LA takes cooped-up fans exactly where they want to go in the winter: somewhere hot, hot, hot. (And in more ways than one!) The writing was easy-breezy and the "drama", even if it might be a bit trivial, never seems forced or overdone. Imogene's scrapes keep the cute storyline going and Evie's assistance was well-received after her absence in the last novel. Another great thing about the book was Sujean Rim and her awesome illustrations. Throughout the whole story are scattered lovely (and of course trendy!) depictions of the novel's classy characters. Whether it's dog-stealing (ahem, dog-sitting.), shopping or partying, Imogene manages to steal the show with yet another a la mode adventure; perfect for fans 12 and up.

I give Lisa Barham's Accidentally Fabulous four out of five stars.


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