The War of the Elves
Kelly, Age 15, Breckenridge, CO

Now come and listen to my spellbinding story of our dear princess and her courageous friends, for I am a wise story telling bard. My name is Cormac, and I, the wonderful tale spinner, will tell all who wish to heed the lessons of this luminous legend.

It was said, about 50,000 years ago, that an elf girl, would save her kingdom from an evil sorceress. Now, the kingdom Bahram, is where all the extraordinary creatures and dwarf humans live in peace and harmony. But back in the day, all was not right, for there was war left and right. Deep down in the Woodglen Forest, there resided an evil sorceress, who was known only by the werewolves and wickedly depraved creatures. You see, elves have enemies too, just like any other creatures, and their worst enemy is the werewolf. Werewolves are as mean and heartless as the devil himself.

Meanwhile, somewhere else on Bahram, a newborn baby named Princess Ailill, meaning elf child, was born. She was a beautiful little baby princess, her parents Alberich, the elf King, and Deirdre, the elf Queen, were very proud of their baby girl and watched as she grew into a gentle kind young elfess. Even though Ailill’s parents prohibited her to go beyond the castle wall, Ailill was very head strong desiring to be out and about breathing in the fresh air and watching the wild animals roam, on her snow white mare.

One night, managing to sneak out of the castle, she rode to the west into the Woodglen Forest; knowing about the dangerous werewolves she did not go far. A few hours before dawn, she began to return home hoping not to be caught and punished. Several minutes later, she heard a menacing shriek coming from a small shrub of silver swamp grass. Looking closer, she discovered a harmless fire fairy stuck in the evil creature-eating swamp grass with its sticky life sucking leaves.

Fizzy asked, “Dear kind child if you will free me from this evil swamp grass, I promising to endow you with extraordinary powers.”

Ailill thought for a moment, then being as kindhearted as an angel answered, “OK.”
When Ailill arrived at the castle, she groomed Horsa, her mare, and tiptoed back through the secret hallway, leading to her room. Safe in her room, she slipped into her chamber, bathed, dressed in her favorite gown, and ate a very fine breakfast. After breakfast, Ailill along with her trusty maid, Marion, delicately cleaned fragile Fizzy.

Cleaning fire fairies is a very delicate job, with their wings as sheer as silk and their legs as fragile as fine crystal glass. First, she soaked Fizzy in a teacup with blue stone soap. Plus she had to keep Fizzy’s wings out of the water, for one touch of any wood ash soap and her wings would evaporate, and she would never fly again. After the bath, Fizzy basked in the sun to dry, while Ailill dripped tiny drops of pure purple petal water on her wings dissolving any swamp grass residue. Scampering to the barn, Ailill clipped off one of her horse’s tail hairs.

On the way back from the barn, she met her loving parents, King Alberich and Queen Deirdre. Mounting their graceful white steeds, the royal couple waved farewell to their daughter. They rode down to Crystal Lake which was shining as brightly as the sun where they both dined on honey coated ham, creamy buttered buns, dainty morsels of lily petals dipped in nut milk while they sipped on sweet grape berry nectar.

Now that her parents were in the country side, Ailill raced back to her room carefully grasping the single horse hair. Using the delicate horse hair, she scraped off all of the swamp grass crust still on Fizzy’s limbs.

Once Fizzy was back to normal, Ailill took a break, leaving Fizzy with Marion. She raced to find her friends, Alanna and Sveinn. Alanna a born fighter was born of noble blood and from the age of two attended etiquette lessons with Ailill. Both loathed the boring etiquette lessons; therefore they devised to escape. One day while pretending to have high tea, they came to the stables and met the barn boy, whose name was Sveinn. Sveinn was really a secret sorcerer; he explained that after his father was framed for a murderous crime, the Supreme Court sought to kill everyone in his family. Now, best of friends, all three of them were on the beach laughing at all of the unattractive new court fashions. After lunch Ailill ran to the waters edge and scooped up some enchanted sea water placing the precious water in a cupped glass vessel. She decides to tell her friends all about the little fire fairy after dinner when they meet in her room.

When dinner was over, the three gathered in the princess’s room and misted the enchanting sea water onto Fizzy’s tiny body and wings. Finally, they dusted Fizzy with incandescent fairy dust.

Fizzy, not forgetting her promise, whispered, “allmos com demos.”

Suddenly, Ailill felt odd, wondering what was happening, she immediately she turned into an elf dog. Staring wide eyed and opened mouth were Ailill’s friends; never in their short life time had they seen anyone transform into a dog. Ailill, not comfortable with everyone staring at her, tried to talk, but all that came out was a whiny bark. Fizzy, satisfied with her gift to Ailill, flew off, while the three immortals were left to fend for the elf dog.

Meanwhile deep down in the miry swamp of Woodglen Forest lay in wait the sorceress, whose name is so evil that I dare not speak of it. Her abode was surrounded by trees that were leafless and smelled of smoldering flames; sulfur steam vents open to boiling hot lava flooding the underground. There were grotesque werewolves, fire breathing lava ants, and slime fiends. Now the sorceress’s sinister plan to take over the entire kingdom was moving along flawlessly; especially since her faithful minions were successful in persuading the castle cooks to mix a poisonous potion into the royal guard’s brew and the soldiers stew. Making them bloated, sluggish, and in a stupor unable to move one step. Now that they were out of the sorceress’s way, she would be able to storm the castle, with her army of dark magic.

At that moment, back at the castle, Ailill, Alanna, Sveinn, and Marion had very important missions to complete. Alanna is to comfort the distressed Ailill, while Sveinn went to see if he could catch Fizzy and sort out the horrible mess. Finally, Marion had to drag herself down to the basement where the archives were stored and see if there was anything on reversing spells.

By midnight, everyone was back in the room, overflowing with information and excitement.

“I learned from the fairy mother that there is no fairy by the name or description of Fizzy, so I climbed the highest pinnacle and scanned the forest. To my amazement, I saw the little fire fairy turn to a grotesque slimy slug with black slime oozing out of his tail. I was still watching when I saw a tall sorceress, dressed in dark red with midnight accents. I overheard the sorceress ask why the slug took so long; it responded in the ugliest voice exclaiming that the curse was done. Then sorceress stood up and let out a raucous evil laugh, snickering, her plan is now complete!” informed Sveinn.

“I looked high and low in the archives finally I found what I was looking for, Magical Changes for All Creatures, so here it is.” said Marion.

Sveinn, Marion, Alanna and Ailill looked up the curse in the book that Marion brought. Knowing that only the witch could make the potion, they left for the witch’s dungeon. The witch is a very fussy old hag and won’t do anything unless you give her something in return.

“So you want me to mix up a potion do you? Well I would like some fresh White Beje.” asked the witch.

“Fine, get mixing.” answered Marion.

Once the witch had all of the necessary ingredients, she mixed the potion. Ailill took the smoking strange mixture and swallowed. Immediately, Ailill started to turn back to her old self. After she changed completely, the witch handed her a book called, The Shape Shifters Guide to Shifting Matter. Without a word the witch shoved the mystified group out the door. After a quick round of “Good-byes” and “Good nights,” Ailill collapsed into bed, tired and exhausted from the days events.

Ailill woke from an uneasy sleep, remembering yesterday’s events. She picked up the small book, from the witch. Flipping through the pages, she came to a chapter titled, Shape Shifting to Animals. Tucked in between the two pages was a note, saying:

Dear Ailill,

Because of the cruse, you will be able to shape into any animal. But beware of who you tell for there is grave danger lurking in the shadows.

Be Brave,

The witch

Ailill was so shocked; she quickly read the rest of the chapter. Finding out the rules for shape shifting, she noted, that at first she would only be able to take the form of an animal for a few hours. Ailill started to get excited knowing that as an animal she would be able to look around the village, undetected. Quickly she re-read the part about how to change into a cat. Thinking very hard about a cat, she opened her eyes. Looking into the mirror, stunned, she almost fell over her own tail. Amazed that it actually worked, Ailill purred with delight and crawled out of the room into the castle’s hallway.

The next three days past by quickly for Ailill and her friends, the minute the King found out about the sorceress’s plan he ordered all of his most trusted advisers and head captains to ready the troops and prepare for war. Ailill helped in anyway she could from giving the infested troops medicine to helping store the needed food and weapons, Ailill made sure that they had every chance possible to win.

On the night before the third day Sveinn dressed in his sorcerer’s entire white attire, he was done with hiding. He is going to clear his fathers name and bring glory to his family. At midnight the battle field was drenched in fog as dark shapes rolled out of the forest. Horns blasted all around the castle announcing that the fight had begun.

The bloody and gruesome war raged on for many moons. Countless lives were lost, but many more lives were saved. All thanks to the very brave Princess Ailill of Bahram, Lady Alanna and Mage Sveinn.

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