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Frank Portman. King Dork
Declacorte $11.99  ISBN 978-0-385-73450-9  344 pg.
Reviewed by Tyler, Age 13

As I was sure, as sure as I was that C.S. Lewis invented Narnia, that neither of them would, in the unlikely event that the option were ever to come up, fail to choose the world. Of course not.  I probably wouldnít either, if the world would have me.

The two main characters in this book are Thomas Charles Henderson (aka King Dork) and Sam Hellerman.  Problems arise when Tom finds his fatherís copy of The Catcher in the Rye (which happens to contain a secret note from a mysterious counterpart).  King Dork takes place in modern times in an extremely weird high school. 

I think King Dork is an amazing read that many teenagers will devour and then hunger for more.  Frank Portman did an extremely good job at creating the band that Thomas and Sam are in, probably because of his undeniable musical background in the punk band MTX.  And lastly, he was able to create the weirdest high school in history.

Frank Portman (aka Dr. Frank) is the singer/songwriter/guitarist in the punk band Mr. T. Experience (MTX). Formed in the mid 1980's, MTX has recorded over twenty albums and has an incredibly large fan base. The author lives in Oakland, California. King Dork includes a preview of Portmanís second novel, Andromeda Klein.

King Dork is a hilarious piece of fiction. I give Portmanís book 5 stars.


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