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D B Beres & Anna Prokos. Dusting and DNA (Crime Scene: True Life Forensic Files, #1)
Scholastic  $7.99  ISBN 978-0-545-08842-8  128 pg.
Reviewed by Joe, Age 13

You probably already know that your fingerprints are unique. That’s what makes them a great method of identification.

Crime Scene had lots of facts although they were simple.  There was a wide variety, from the types of fingerprints to how to find DNA.  There are lots of pictures, graphics, lingo and tidbits of information.  There is a table of contents, index and glossary as well.  Plus there’s a section for taking notes at the back. There is also a list of website resources.

This book would be good for 13 and under readers because it is has simple info, and older kids may want more detailed information.  The fact boxes already had information that had been mentioned in the book.  I wanted to read the book as the cover, with its oversized fingerprint, stood out and grabbed my attention.  The pictures went well with the facts, and they helped me understand parts of the book.  I also liked how there were real photos, and images that had been drawn because it provided a nice variation.

I give Crime Scene’s Dusting and DNA 3 stars.


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