Dawn of Memories
Tiffany, Age 13, Brooklyn, NY

"Are you sure about this, Hiyori?" Lina asked in a worried tone.

Hiyori snorted. "Of course I am!"

Lina lowered her gaze on her feet. There was a long pause before she responded.

"But we're going to miss you," she said softly. "I'm going to miss you," she added, voice cracking.

Hiyori's face softened, understanding the looming dismay dwelling in the heart of her best friend's stomach. The chilly wind brushed their ebony hair and the leaves on the ground lifted, dancing in little swirls.

"I know," Hiyori finally replied. Then, her face suddenly brightened. "I know!"

"What is it?" Lina asked in a puzzled expression.

"Why don't come along with me?" Hiyori asked. Her face was vibrant with hope.

"I can't go with you to Japan to search for a guy who saved you when you were thirteen years old, Hiyori," Lina said sternly. "It's ridiculous, Hiyori. Nothing can convince me."

Hiyori let out a sigh. "The guy part may be ridiculous to you, Lina," she started. "but if you come along with me, you don't have to worry about me, right? And didn't your parents want you to move out? It's all perfect, Lina! You have nothing to lose! There's nothing else more simpler than this!"

"I don't know about this, Hiyori," Lina said skeptically, squirming on her bench seat.

"My parents want me to move in a house that I can call my own."

"You can say I let you borrow some of my money to buy the house," Hiyori pressed on.

Lina opened her mouth to throw a rebuttal, but Hiyori silenced her with a reassuring look. "You can't knock it till you try it, Lina."

"I still can't believe they said yes!" Lina breathed, dragging her luggage from behind.

"You better believe it," Hiyori said hastily, pulling on her own luggage as well.

They went past the woman who checked their passports. A large man ushered them to the plane and led them to their seats.

"I'm going to miss Switzerland," Lina sighed, letting Hiyori seat herself by the window.

"I'm not," Hiyori snorted, making herself comfortable.

"Aren't you going to miss our homeland?" Lina asked. She sat down, adjusting her seat belt before looking back up to her best friend.

Hiyori narrowed her eyes at the vermilion sky. "There's too many unwanted memories here," she smiled softly. "that is, until he came."

Lina rolled her eyes at her best friend whom she considers a blooded sister. There she goes again, thinking about that guy who she can't have. Not only her sister can't have him, she has to undergo a search for him in Tokyo, Japan.

"We'll be there by morning, Hiyori," Lina reminded. She looked over her shoulder and found her sister snoring already. She smiled and closed her eyes to follow the same path as Hiyori.

The boy snickered at my face. His taunting face made me want to introduce him to my fist. I would have gladly knocked the daylights out of him with my brute force. But, I can't reach their heads. I was too short and was horrible excuse of a growing teenager. He had my mother's pendant dangling from his fingers. I want to get it back--scratch that. I have to get it back. It's the only thing my mother left for me before she flied to the night stars when I breathed my first breath into the cruel, cold world.

"You want this crappy, rusty necklace?" he spat at my face. Literally. "did your wittle, good-goody mommy give this to you?" he asked mockingly, making kissing sounds.

I slitted my eyes. "Don't ever talk about my mother like you known her, you worthless excuse of the human species," I growled at him.

He bent down to my height and clenched his teeth in my face. "What is a short, little mama's girl like you gonna do about it?"

At that very moment, I spat in his face. and quickly snatched the necklace from his bulky, hulk hands and started to run.

His face furrowed in crimson anger and wiped his face. The chase had began and I was going to be beaten into a bloody pulp. The guy is nearly quadruple the size I am now and already he is gaining on my tail within seconds.

"You think you can outrun me with your short, stubby legs?!" he yelled, almost a few feet back from me.

I blinked away tears of fear and continued to run. My heart pounded and adrenaline pulsed through the highways of my veins. I'm going to die in a pitiful way. I was going to die by a man who has the IQ of a peanut shell that has no correct uses in vocabulary and grammar at his twenties.

Then something pulled at my hair and I yelped in agony. The man pulled my hair back in brute force. The pain was just so sharp. At this point, I was crying, clutching the necklace to my chest.

"You should have never done that, little girl," the man growled slowly in my ear. He pulled at my hair even harder. ",I just wanted some cash to have me going for about week with that necklace of yours, but since you can't let that happen, I'll just take it from you even if it means taking your life away in process." I was sobbing and breathing hard.

I struggled and I kicked everywhere to break free of his grip. Then I made things worse by elbowing him in the gut.

"Why you little--" He stopped instantly. I stopped instantly.

A sharp, jaw-breaking sound rang through my ears. My hair was released and I looked to the back of me with quavering legs and arms.

"Come on!" A guy's voice said quickly, pulling me to my feet.

He swept me off my feet and carried me over his shoulder. He ran incredibly fast and set me on the road along the river. My breathing was still heavy. I was still trembling, not even bothering to look up at my savior. A hand stroked my shoulder. I flinched and backed away.

"It's okay now, miss," the guy said softly, approaching slowly.

I looked up at him, studying him. He looked no where past the age of seventeen and he had the most charming face of a man could ever dream for.

He was smiling at me, offering his hand.

"It's okay now," he repeated. "I hit him square on the jaw, so he's not going to use his mouth to bother anyone for a while." He wiped my fresh tears.

I bolted my eyes open, realizing my both my palms were empty. My mother's necklace dropped somewhere and now I can't ever get it back. The guy realized my actions.

Suddenly, a familiar pendant was dangling in front of my face. "My mother's pendant!" I cried, snatching it away from his hands.

I smiled happily, tears of relief rolling freely on my cheeks. The silver chain was broken, but I still clenched it close to my chest. I looked up at him to find him smiling a brilliant smile. His onyx eyes twinkled and he sat the both of us down near the unfenced river. No one said anything for a moment.

"T-thank you, for saving me and my mother's pendant," I finally said. My voice was cracked from my previous dashing and yelping. "if it wasn't for you, I would have been dead right about now."

He faced me with a warm smile that matched the setting sun.

"Don't mention it, miss," he said. He stared at me for a moment and asked, "what is a young beautiful flower like you changing your roots out here?"

I lowered my gaze on the grass. "I was running away from my home." I replied.

I covered my arms with my hands quickly. The guy inched closer in curiosity and removed my hands from my upper arms. My arms revealed scarlet linings under my red, torn blouse.

"Did your family do this?" he asked softly, trailing the linings.

I nodded. "This isn't my first attempt to run away," I added.

"What is your name?" he asked, patting my back for comfort.

"Hiyori Hirosaki," I replied. ",what is your name?"

He paused for a moment. He didn't seem to like the question thrown back at him.

He then got up and started to walk away. "Go back home, Hiyori. Muster all you can for a little longer. Next time I might not be here to save you if you decide to carelessly run away again."

"Wait!" I pleaded. "I don't know your name! Please don't go, I still have so much to ask!" I called out, starting to follow him.

He started to sprint at that amazing pace again. He looks back and smiled.

"It's, Saito Tomohiro! There's nothing interesting to ask me, Hiyori. Just forget and move on in the happier paths of life."

"Hiyori," Lina nudged her. "HIYORI!" she hissed. Hiyori sat up straight looking around her surroundings.

"Huh? What happened, Lina? Are we there yet?" Hiyori asked frantically, hugging her belongings.

Lina rolled her eyes. "Calm down. We're going to be there in about another ten minutes. You were half smiling and talking in your sleep too," she added in a amused tone.

Hiyori blushed and laughed flimsily. "Was I?" she asked, rubbing the back of her head.

Lina acted like she fell asleep on he seat for demonstration. She snores a little and said, "Saito..." and "Wait, don't go, yet! You didn't tell me your name!"

Hiyori pushed the laughing Lina playfully. They quickly stopped giggling.

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