Jenny, Age 11, Langley, BC

Grade five, to most of people, might seem pretty young but a lot of things can happen in this short year that will change someone's life. In grade five, although most people believe it's not so, the cliques start, especially for girls. Girls often split in 3 main groups: girly girls, sporty girls, and the girls that don't really care to which clique they belong. It can change some girl's life, depending on which clique they decide to join.

People can hurt other people's feelings so easily, even by just one word, especially girls. If you think you can trust someone and tell them your deepest secret, and then the second you turn your back, that person might just as easily slip the secret to someone else, and it would no longer be a secret anymore. You'll never be able to trust that person ever again, even if they swear that they'd never tell a soul.

The so-called friends can be herself with just you; but they'd never act that way with anyone else in sight. The true friends will act the same with you, or someone else. So-called friends will ditch you the next year if they think you aren't "cool" enough. True friends will treat you the same no matter how popular they are or how much they themselves have changed. But as true friends are that good to have, most people forget that they have to be one in order to get one.

In grade five, the year might go as slow as a snail or as fast as light. You might find one true friend, or you might find a bunch of so-called friends. I hope everyone gets a good friend that you can rely on and that wouldn't change.

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