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Mary Borsky. Benny Bensky and the Parrot-Napper
Tundra $11.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-840-8  117 pg.
Reviewed by Anastasia, Age 10

"Oh no! Peanut's gone!” said Rosie.
"Peanut's been parrot-napped!” shrieked Fran.
"Peanut?” said Rosie, still staring at the empty cage.
"What are we going to do, Rosie? What will Miss Graham say?”

The main character is Benny Bensky who is a big black dog whose life is horrible because no one pays attention to him anymore. Especially when Rosie and Fran, two ten-year-old girls, start parrot-sitting Miss Graham’s parrot, Peanut. When parrots start to go missing, Rosie, Fran, Peanut and Benny search for the parrot-napper. But when Peanut gets parrot-napped, Benny tries his best to find the parrot-napper. Will Benny find Peanut and the other parrots?

I liked Benny Bensky and the Parrot-Napper because it was funny; like when Benny puts Peanut into the garbage can because he was so jealous of Peanut and could think nothing but bad of him. Also I liked the pictures by illustrator Linda Hendry. I liked the picture of Benny chasing J.P across the stage. Lastly, I liked that the author didn't give the story away. I never guessed who the parrot-napper was until the very end.
Borsky is the author of the Benny Bensky series: Benny Bensky and the Perogy Palace and Benny Bensky and the Giant Pumpkin Heist. In 2006, Mary Borsky was named one of the ‘best-loved living Canadian writers’.

I would give Benny Bensky and the Parrot-Napper three stars.


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