An Amazing Assembly
Aaron, Age 12, Easton, CT

“Finally!” I said to my friend sitting next to me as a colorful bird glided over my head, “a great assembly.”

There were at least 15 birds in the room, five of which were currently flying around the large gym. It was so amazing - we’ve seen small to medium birds, colorful to one-colored birds - and that’s when I heard a rattle in the largest of the cages. Then after two or three more rattled the door of the largest cage I have ever seen flew open. As it flew open the five flying birds took a last swoop and landed gently in their cages as the largest captive hawk I have ever seen flew out of its cage. The dark gray feathers swished in the wind of the large bird, the world seemed to slow down and the bird's five-foot wing span pushed air down upon our heads (just remember this description comes from a seven-year old mind and is very exuberant). The bird swooped in and around the gym three times before he dived into his open cage. As the bird landed a roar of applause and screams traveled around the room and out the cracks at the bottom of the door. After the loud and long applause we realized that that really was amazing and the assembly’s presence did not go away till the end of the year. So we were all excited and it was only a half day so immediately after the assembly we ran up stairs packed our stuff and went home as fast as we could to tell all our family. At least that’s what I did.

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