The Advice Fairy
Tristen, Age 11, Findlay, OH

Once there was a princess named Penelope. She ruled over the kingdom of Epilipson. Now the princess had many doubts, and worries, but she had a secret source where she found advice in times of great need. This source was a fairy, an advice fairy to be exact. The advice fairy’s name was Flora. Flora lived in a secret room in the top of the highest tower of the castle. The room was made entirely of beautiful stained glass, and was by far Penelope’s favorite room in the castle.

The kingdom was slowly entering a depression. The kingdoms of Dandritha and Amvrey had stopped all trade with Epilipson, and they were running out of supplies, fast. The kingdom would soon fall to pieces. People started fighting over food and everything would turn to chaos, and Penelope had absolutely no idea what to do.

So Penelope began the long walk up the almost never-ending stairs to the top of the highest tower. When she got there Flora was silently waiting, as if she knew Penelope would be there to visit her, (and perhaps she did).

Penelope stepped into the beautiful room and watched as Flora gradually flew over to the center of the room. There was a moment of silence then finally Penelope spoke.

“I have a problem,” she said softly.

“Naturally” replied Flora.

“Well,” Penelope said, and then she began to tell her everything that was happening to the kingdom. When Penelope finished Flora finally spoke.

“That is a problem,” she said. She thought for a moment and then she said “Perhaps you should create rations. You could also store any extra supplies until further notice. You should tell everyone not to spend money on extra possessions that they don’t need. That should help you until the depression passes.

“All right,” said Penelope, and she made her way back down the long staircase.

The next day she set off to do exactly what she had been advised to do. Penelope saved extra supplies, advised her people not to spend money on things they didn’t need, and organized rations. She encouraged everyone to grow their own garden.

For two years she went about this manner and all was well. Over that time Penelope heard stories about the kingdom of Analia who had also been a big trader with Dandritha and Amvrey. She had heard about the people of Analia suffering, and not having enough food and supplies. Penelope was glad her kingdom wasn’t going through the same thing.

Soon afterward Dandritha, and Amvrey began to trade again and all was well. But from that day on Penelope realized how important Flora was to the kingdom of Epilipson. She had saved the kingdom from war, poverty, and starvation by means of small advice. Penelope then proclaimed Flora as the ruler of all magical creatures in the kingdom, and she was very happy, and Penelope new she could always confide in her whenever there was a problem.

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