Trick or Treat
Becky, Age 11, Easton, CT

R r r r r r r r r r r r r r rip! “Oh No!” I shouted. I had just ripped my newest Halloween costume. I was a princess and I was covered in jewels from head to toe. My bubblegum pink dress was perfect. It had a fluffy skirt that had golden sparkles dotted all over it and wavy sleeves that would keep me warm throughout the autumn night. However, I had just ripped my dress straight through the center. My mom came scrambling in wondering what the commotion was all about. Meanwhile, I was trying my hardest to sew up the hole. The only problem was that I had never sewed before and the stitches were a mess. This dress disaster was bigger than I could fix.

I went to bed thinking about ideas for other Halloween getups. Halloween was tomorrow and I needed something to wear. I thought of being a devil or a witch, but those were too common. I could take a trip to Party City and buy something unusual and new, but then I remembered that Party City is always super crowded before Halloween and my mom wouldn’t want to drive me there anyway. I had no other ideas for new attire and I would be forced to wear my old “go-go girl” outfit. I miserably stared out my window as the crisp October breeze gave me goose bumps all over my body. The indigo blue sky was filled with stars and a huge full moon. I know, just my luck. I wish that tomorrow would never come.

That night I slept like a log and had the most magnificent dream. I dreamt about owning a new princess gown that was better than ever. It had a V-neck and fringe that was pure gold glitter. It was gorgeous. Best of all, it was accompanied by golden slippers and a priceless golden tiara. I swiftly grabbed the dress and slipped it right on. It was just my size. I was just getting to the best part when I was interrupted by a yell from downstairs.

Unfortunately, my dream didn’t come true. I cracked open my eyes in search of the royal ball gown. Sunlight filled the room, but there was no dress in sight. I thumped out of bed just as I realized that I had been dreaming about the superb dress.
As I was about to follow the smell coming from the kitchen, I heard the screech of a closet door opening. I lazily dragged myself back into my room to find a work of art hanging in my closest. Too cheerful to move, I decided to yell for my mom. Once I called for her she rapidly arrived upstairs wondering what all of the hullabaloo was about. I told her about my dream and how it came true, just like Cinderella’s. She wandered around the dress looking at the glorious stitches and colors. She bent over and picked up a ripped piece of paper that was covered in scribbles. I took it from her to make sure she didn’t read any of it because it could be something clandestine. I read it over and over again to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. It read:

I am something you don’t want to meet. But if you’re brave meet me at the stone of Henry McCain III on Halloween at midnight. Be There Or Else.

My stomach knotted and gave me a fright. I glanced at my watch and it read 11:00 am. Great, I have the whole day to plan ways of sneaking out to the graveyard.

I never spilled the beans and kept my mouth shut. Finally, I had thirty minutes left. I told my mom that I was going to trick or treat with my friends and she fell for it even though it was so late. The only road block I had was that my mom tried to cajole me to wear sneakers; mothers, so overprotective. I had to hurry or else I wouldn’t make it.
My heart thumped as loud as a one man band, while I skidded around the corner. As excited as I was, I still shivered with fright. I was scared to meet a stranger in a graveyard. Not to mention, I was all alone and it was practically midnight on Halloween. I kept checking the note and made sure that I was heading to the exact address. I finally arrived at the rusty gate of the cemetery. It looked like no one had been there in a hundred years. Vines weaved in and out of the arched gate and I shakily reached out my arm to push open the entrance, I gripped my hand tightly round one of the bars and gave it a shove. The door didn’t budge, so I looked around for another way in. The graveyard was surrounded by mossy fences and rock walls. This was the only entrance and it was locked. I spun around relieved and yet frightened that I didn’t meet who ever gave me that beautiful dress. I curiously peeked back at the cemetery and started to jog back home. Just as I turned the corner, I was startled by a loud screech. I curiously ran around the block to find that the gate was wide open. I felt like I was being pulled inside and couldn’t back away. I quickly glanced at the letter to find out which stone I should head to. The letter read:

Meet me at the stone of Henry McCain III

That was my grandfather’s grave and I wondered how this someone knew I was related to him. My throat was dry as I raced to the stone at high-speed. The frosty grass stung my feet through my sandals. My mom was right. I should have worn sneakers, I thought, without noticing what was going on around me. I lifted my head up and saw millions of figures rising up from the ground. My watch beeped twice, informing me that it was midnight.. A voice howled around me, blurting out my name, “Allison, Allison come over here!!!” I immediately assumed that my friends were just trying to scare me. “You guys I know it’s you!” I said, amused by the fact that they thought that I would really be fooled by their “scary” ideas. I looked around expecting to see Alex and Michaela laughing at their scheme, but no one was there except for the spooky flying figures. They were chanting out my name a mile a minute until a huge translucent THING rose from the ground.

It was so taciturn that I almost let out a giggle. I was too terrified to move and every thing was staring at me. All I could hear was the pitter-patter of tiny rodents crunching through the dead brown leaves. I was planning to run for it when a cold hand tapped my goose bump covered shoulder. I spun around to find the thing smiling at me.
It held out its hand and said in a deep voice, “I am Marlin. I made your costume dress.”
“I don’t even know you, how would YOU know that I wanted a dress,” I practically yelled, while walking away.

He quickly floated in front of me and exclaimed,” My brothers and I read human dreams and grant their wishes.”

“Prove that you made the dress and that this isn’t a joke,” I rudely said.

“Fine, meet me in your room in five minutes. I need to get the supplies,” he shouted back at me. He opened the ancient gate and I stumbled home thinking about how insipid I was to believe that the thing would actually be able to make a ball gown.

I speedily arrived home in record time. The ghost/thing was sitting on my bed waiting patiently for me to arrive. Neatly laid out on the bed were string, glitter, and many other materials. I quickly sat down, making sure that I didn’t knock any of the items over. The thing held out a stop watch and mumbled, “Ready! Set! Go!” In a flash, he was done. I held up the clock and stared wide eyed at the time. This could not be possible. The stop watch read 0:12 seconds. I looked up and Marlin was floating in front of me holding a clone of the other dress.

“Wow! You’re amazing,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! Pretty cool! But I have to get back to the graveyard before the sun comes up!” he told me.

“Then you’d better hurry. It’s almost dawn,” I stuttered. Marlin flew out the window and was off. I never asked him when I could visit. I quickly fell asleep into a dreamless deep sleep and was awoken by the chirping of the birds in the morning. I clomped down the stairs and said to my mom, “You wouldn’t believe what happened last night.”

I told my mom what had happened and was thrilled when she said that Marlin came to her when she was little. She agreed that I could visit the cemetery every Halloween, but only if I let her come along. After this ghost mystery I have visited Marlin every Halloween and my mom comes too, we have made it a Halloween tradition and it is better than trick-o-treating.

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