The Day My Stupidity Got Out of Control
Jarrett, Age 12, Easton, CT

“She’s here, she’s here, everybody come look,” I screamed from the top of my lungs. I was five years old, and far from my mental maturity. I had dark brown hair and blue eyes. I was starting kindergarten this year and the summer was nearly over. For my birthday, I got a gift certificate which I could give to my parents to get a new bike. And that summer, I used it.

The whole family pulled out of the house causing a slight traffic jam in front of the door. Kimberly Jean, our neighbor was walking up the driveway. She had beautiful angel hair that waved in the wind and calm sky blue eyes that made everything seem so perfect. Kimberly was our babysitter also. She came whenever my parents went out and even though we had a bed time, she would let us stay up until we saw the lights of a car pulling into our driveway. But today she would not let us stay up late because of my stupidity.

The day before she came was a beautiful sunny weekend. It was the perfect time to be outdoors and it was summer. The trees were nice bright green and there was a slight little breeze. I had been riding a bike for a while and then one that past weekend I learned to ride with no training wheels. Of course I wanted to showoff my skills and try to impress my babysitter so I took the bike out of the garage. It was brand new and the red frame had paw prints that I just adored. I rolled it out of the garage and hopped on.

My parents and Kimberly were talking in the middle of the driveway when I bulleted down the straightaway. I had never practiced going fast on a bike and my stupidity got to me. I was nearly there and pressed on the brakes. And then BAM. I toppled over the handle bars. My head hit the ground first and then my body crashed down.

I burst out with tears. I felt like every bone in my body had broken. The bad part was my hair was wet and it wasn’t from water. Everyone rushed over to me. I was in shock. They carried me into the house and that’s when I noticed what the liquid was. I had cracked me head open and blood was making a pool around me on the kitchen floor. The ambulance arrived shortly after my fall and my mom and the EMTs decided that I can ride in my car with my mom and sister. My sister was holding my head in her gentle hands. Even though my head and eyes were covered in tears I could still make out her face a little bit. It was green and after I heard that, when I got home, I began to laugh.

When we got to the hospital my mom parked right into the emergency room door. I felt myself being carried out of the pickup truck and into the hospital. My eyes where filled with enough tears to make a lake. I couldn’t see anything. The rolled me in a hospital bed and brought me to a room. I felt something prick my arm and soon after that I fell asleep. When I woke up I noticed that I wasn’t bleeding any more and my head felt tight. My bed was in a good sized room and there was a nice design on the wall paper. It was flowers I noticed after a while.

All of a sudden a doctor came in. He told me that I could stand up. He ran all sorts of tests like if I can walk in a straight line or if I can see clearly. The doctor was named Dr. Hobbie. He is my pediatrician. He was wearing his white doctor’s coat. He is on the big side and his funny round face always made me laugh. He was old and he always wore a teddy bear clipped to his stethoscope. He said that I could go home and when I got there I should wash up big time. He had a big voice and he always made me laugh.

When I got to our house I went straight to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and I saw that it looked like I painted my hair red because of the blood. I jumped in the shower and frantically washed my hair. After about half an hour of washing my hair all the blood that had stained my hair was off my head. Then I washed the rest of my body off. When I was finished I put nice clothes on and went downstairs.

Every day I think about that I always remember how that helmet I was wearing saved my life. I also think how stupid I was for doing that and how everybody helped me. To this day I will never forget that moment. Now when I look at that moment, I see how I would have had more judgment if I was older. I realize that I would have had a lot more experience and maybe have used a better bike than that one that I had used. I also realized that I would have been more mature than to go all that way down the driveway and end up splitting my head open. I feel that I had very bad judgment and if I was older that might have fixed it the way I was thinking. And yes this is the day my stupidity got out of control. Now I know that I won’t do it again. That experience probably changed how I thought about some of these people. For instance, I never thought my sister would care if I got hurt and she did. She helped me the whole way.

And I will also never forget my doctor's help.

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