The Thing That Made Us Stronger
Rachael, Age 12, Nicholasville, KY

As Karen and Julia sat in front of their four legged round chocolate brown table, they talked about how their day went. They have known each other for six years now, ever since that one day after school. Both of their parents died in a tragic accident. So they have lived together and taken care of each other ever since. As they talked they laughed about the first time they met…

“I love to cook,” Julia shared.

“Well good cause I’m not going to!” Karen mischievously said.

“Hahahaha!” Julia giggled.

“Well on that note let’s go for a ride!”

“Faster I say!!!” Karen ordered Julia.

Down their long drive way on their gator which is kind of like a car they went.

“Bump Bump!!!!!” they went over the long rocky drive way.

“Gahhhhhh leahhhhhh!”

“Man I told you that I didn’t want to go any faster!” Julia pleaded.


“Well what?”


“Now what?”

“Those flowers are amazing, we can sell them to buy food.” Karen pointed at the beautiful white daisies in the field.

“Great idea!”

So Julia jumped out of the gator with her basket in one hand and the other picking a hundred flowers a minute. Suddenly dark clouds filled the sky while lightning and thunder roared! Swoosh the ugly purple old scaly dragon lady came flying down.

“Got it!” yelped the dragon lady when she snatched the basket out of Julia’s hand.

“Oh no!” they cried.

“We have to catch her! We have to. We can’t buy and food and we’ll starve to death! Oh no! That’s horrible! We can’t!”

“We will help you!” screamed an unknown voice out of the bushes.

Two princes looking like twins jumped out with armor on and swords in their hands. They had cute little smiles on their faces. They took their swords out then they charged after her. One went in the back and jumped on her tail and lingered his way up, while the other distracted the ugly dragon lady. Plunge the prince stabbed her, it went in between a scale and…

“You remember that story don’t you?” questioned Julia.

“Of course!” replied Karen, Ben, and Cody.

Julia and Cody along with Karen and Ben had been married for four years now. They hope they will last forever!

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