Story Time
Julia, Age 11, Beavercreek, OR

“Early one morning in 2510,” I said to my grandchildren as we cuddled around the fire screen, “Fredrick got up out of bed as usual, but he didn’t know his life was about to change.

“As he got on the Fly Bus (a school bus that flies), Freddy thought about how hard a life people had five centuries ago. He thought that maybe his history book was lying. Could anybody live without flying cars and pop up clothes? Well, anyway, Freddy wanted to go back in time to see what it was like in 2008, and maybe even before that!

It was a brilliant idea, so every day after school Fredrick would go straight home, and he tried and tried to make a time machine, but nothing would work. He knew he could do it, because he had already taken his time machine class when he was seven, and in 7th grade. Maybe he had forgotten something over the past three years. Freddy got out his 7th grade text book, and started trying to find what he had forgotten.”

“But Grandma,” little Suzy asked, “Why didn’t he just go to the store and buy one?”

“Because, Suzy, this was back when time machines were just starting to be built,” I answered her, “now let’s get back to the story. Anyway, there he was, Freddy had no idea what he had forgotten, then it struck him. He could just go to his 7th grade teacher, and ask her. So he did.

“When he went to the middle school he saw posters on the wall about time machines, and decided it was the season for learning about time machines. Freddy went to his T.M. (Time Machine) teacher, Ms. Landers, and asked her to tell him about how to make a T.M. Ms. Landers told him that he could go to the middle school after school, for tutoring.

“So, instead of going straight home after school, Freddy went to the middle school for T.M. tutoring. At the middle school, Freddy learned about the different parts of a time machine, and where to buy/make them. Tutoring took about a month, and after that he began to build a T.M. Freddy built the T.M. for so long he thought it would last forever, but it only lasted for one year until 2511. By the time he was eleven, he was ready to time travel.

“Fredrick tried something easy first. He decided to go back in time two years ago, so he revved up the engine, and put it on year 2509, and took off into the air. Next thing he knew, Freddy was landing the T.M. in his driveway in 2509! He had done it! He had travelled back in time!

“Deciding he should take on an even bigger challenge, Freddy set the time back to 2010. When he got there, he thought he should just go back to one more date, and then go home (it was almost dinner time anyway). Freddy was getting sort of hungry so he thought he’d get a snack. He got a thing called an “ice cream cone”, got in his T.M., and flew into the sky.

“Freddy decided to go all the way back to 1937.”

“Grandma, how long ago was that?” Metlo chirped in.

“Well, I’d say about 620 years,” I answered, “What do you think, Jonalo?”

“If I’m calculating right, it was exactly . . . 622 years ago,” answered Jonalo, the smartest of my grandchildren.

“There you go, Metlo, now let’s get on with the story. On the way to 1937, Freddy’s T.M. started to go haywire, luckily he made it there before the time machine shut down.

“Fredrick landed on an island off the coast of New Guinea, which was north of what used to be called Australia. He started to fix his time machine, when an airplane crashed in the water by the island! A girl swam up out of the water, she said her name was Emily, and that her mom, Amelia Earhart, had taken her in the plane and tried to fly across the ocean. Unfortunately she had failed. She was so sad, that she could hardly mention her mom, so she didn’t. Emily Earhart was going to die an orphan on a deserted island.

“Freddy told Emily that when he was done fixing his T.M., he could take her back to 2511, where she could live for the rest of her life. Emily agreed to go with him, after all she didn’t really have a choice.

“So after Fredrick fixed the carburetor, they were off to 2511. They got home just in time for dinner.

“Years later, they got married, and had kids, then their kids had kids, but in the end they lived happily ever after!”

“Thanks for the story Grandma Emily!” my grandchildren cried.

“I’ll see you all tomorrow. Grandpa Fred and I will be waiting.”

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