Snapshots of Yours Truly
Joshua, Age 11, Warsaw, Poland

I am addicted to baseball. I live to watch the ball be flung around by actors in multi-color suits for hours on end. When I watch ball I am in the zone. It is like my corneas are glued to the screen. I feel as though I am at the stadium where the game is taking place. Nobody can take me away from the ball. Baseball intrigues me to the highest level because you never know what will happen next. Baseball is my religion.

Scuba diving is definitely my favorite activity. When I hit the water and shoot up I am amazed by my buoyancy. The danger gets my blood pumping as fast as a dragster. As I start to sink downwards, fish start to float up and hover there expecting me to give them food. A few seconds later they leave and go back to their holes. Just that puts me in seventh heaven. Finally we reach our designated depth and I start frolicking like drunken men do. This is the one spot on the earth you feel carefree. I am free of the agonizing earthen boundaries. This is the one spot everything is possible. I adore diving as much as I adore baseball.

I am an ant. Why an ant, well first I am small but that isnít the main similarity. Second I am like an ant because I can carry five times my own weight. I donít carry physical weight, I carry mental weight. I love to learn until I canít stay awake. Early in the morning I just canít wait to get into the car and drive off to scout uncharted territory. That is why I am an ant.

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