Sarah's Stars

Karen Rivers. Y in the Shadows
Raincoast Books $11.95 ISBN 978-1-55192-972-9 299 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 16

Iím drenched. Uncomfortable. Cold. But I donít care.

I leave the scooter and walk for a while. Completely hidden by the thick falling water. I walk to Tonyís house. I canít pretend (even to myself) that itís an accident. I do it completely on purpose. Itís creepy and wrong but Iíve started and now I canít stop.

Just one more time, I tell myself, but already I can tell that Iím lying. My ability to do this is like a narcotic and Iím hooked.


Three teenagers are brought together, pulled from three completely different lives into one story. A young rich girl finds that no matter where she turns, no one is there for her. A teenage boy struggles with the suicide of his older brother and the recent runaway of his father. The final addition to this trio may have the same amount of problems as the other twoÖif not for one, huge, difference. She can disappear. Literally. She has the ability to turn herself invisible to everyoneÖwhat she does with this new power is a mystery, even to her.

This novel is yet another amazing addition to the novel series X, Y and Z. Just as the first book Y In The Shadows took me completely by surprise. The twists in the plot are enough to send a reader reeling. Every new development leaves the audience teetering for more. It is the telltale stories of teenagers, and it is told extremely well. In the most accurate of ways, it is Ďin the rightí down to a tee. Being a teenager myself, I found it very easy to relate to the characters feelings and experiences. The novel compelled me to keep reading, just so that I could get lost in the worlds of three people; that were a lot like teenagers I know. The way the characters thought and the way that the words are written were nearly as good as the first book; although, I found that the story was a little on the artificial side this time around.

I would recommend this book to anyone above the age of thirteen, only because some of the language and situations involve maturity. This novel is only made better by putting these situations forwards for everyone to recognize and read.

I give Y In The Shadows four invisible stars out of five.


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