Erica, Age 12, Easton, CT

Summer, winter, fall and spring,
look at all the things they bring,
different people have different ways
to see the seasons day to day.

An extreme-weather season
tops all the rest,
when school is out,
but I’ve done my best,
the country club pool is open-HURRAY!
Time to make new friends and play!
The icy waters are great to feel,
a relief from the beating sun,
And the lakes at my aunt’s “beach”,
have a dock and waterslide made for fun,
on the 14th of July
my birthday seems to fly right by,
presents, parties and there’s cake,
all of them I gladly take,
Disney’s my favorite vacation spot,
when it comes to pictures-I take a lot!
when school crawls closer,
I want to frown,
‘cause school will be bringing my summer down.
If I don’t watch out, the leaves will change,
and fall will start to call my name.

The trees are losing all their green,
how could Mother Nature be so mean?
School is here but it’s not so bad,
you get caught up with the newest fad.
Yes, it’s getting cooler by the day,
I’m lovin’ leaf piles, by the way,
and the nights get cooler,
they start earlier, too,
they start to get spooky,
then – BOO!
A ghastly ghoul looking for sweets,
a scary witch who trick-or-treats,
skeletons and scary things,
check out the bat’s dark, sleek wings!
But more important-his candy bag,
look at all the stuff he’s snagged!
Skittles, Starburst and taffy-yum!
and he’s got some bubble gum!
As the night creeps on, the season ends,
and winter’s colder than all, my friends.

Holidays are here at last,
we see Scrooge’s Christmas past,
And Hannukah for Jewish friends,
I hope the holidays never end!
“Happy New Year!” folks will say,
At twelve o’clock they scream “HURRAY!”
And following is playing in snow,
Though I won’t mind when the cold has to go.
Following sledding in whitened woods,
is my mom’s birthday, if you would,
cards and laughter fill the day,
“Happy Birthday!” is what we all say,
then more snow days pass the time,
until you receive a Valentine,
heart-shaped candies and stuffed animals, too,
reading everywhere, “I Love You.”
Then soon after-KICKOFF TIME!
Super Bowl just flies right by,
and as it draws my winter to an end,
I think about the time I’ll spend,
in spring.

My spring starts up to recover from cold,
it thaws out nature from its icy hold,
the heat is stronger by the days,
what a relieving, lovely phase.
The trees gain back the green they’ve lost,
what a lot this winter’s cost!
Perennials are living up to their name
and spring has awakened wild game.
Anticipation of Easter tradition,
is all a part of the patient condition,
leaving pink and blue baskets out on Easter eve,
what a crime that Easter morning must leave,
and then you think-oh dear, oh dear-already summer’s almost here!

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