Pat the Bat's Night Out
Rosa, Age 11, Ottawa, ON

Patrick stood at the entrance to the cave. He stared up at the night sky.

“So, you’re leaving the cave tonight,” Pat’s best friend Chad said.

“Yep, I’m going,” Pat said confidently and soon he left.

He soared through the sky gracefully, then suddenly – Hoo Hoo – the sound of an owl!
“Oh no,” Pat said to himself and he flapped away from there as fast as he could. “That was close,” he said to himself.

Just then, Patrick looked up and saw the weirdest things: tall straight cliffs with holes in them, and strange animals. They were all different colours, running on a strange black thing. Pat swooped down for a closer look.

“AAAA!” Pat yelled. One of the strange animals almost hit him. He flew up.

“Gaa!” A strange silver tree was shining light out of it.

“I need to get out of here,” he gasped. Pat decided to take a short cut through a hole in one of the cliffs. Bam! Patrick hit something.

“What?” He tapped the emptiness. “An invisible wall.,” he thought.
Just then, he looked up and saw a strange animal with no wings and fur on the top of its head.

Then it screamed, “Mom, I just saw a dinosaur!” and ran away.

Pat jumped up and raced all the way home.

“Aaah, home at last,” he thought.

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