Man in the Mountain
Al, Age 12, Easton, CT

A long time ago in a rocky country there were treeless peaks of land that towered over everyone’s head. One day a group of humans started to come in and inhabit this area of land for the first time. One exceptionally special man that stood out of this group was a small chubby man named Mr. Mountain. What set him aside from the others was his strong sense of curiosity. His favorite thing to do was explore unknown places.

Watching down from the heavens, Zeus, the god of all gods, noticed the curious human Mr. Mountain. Seeing him glance at the tallest piece of land, Zeus immediately read the curious human’s mind. He had to keep a sharp eye on him! If Mr. Mountain ventured too close to the tall rocky peaks he might discover one of the god’s most top secret places.

On the top of the sky-scraping land Prometheus, a titan, was chained to the unbreakable rock. Not even his strapping muscles could break the shining chains. Each day a hawk came by and ripped out his liver. Blood would spurt everywhere and stain the rocks a deep red. Since Prometheus was immortal and he couldn’t die, he suffered endless days of pain as his body was torn and ripped apart. He waited each day for the blood thirsty hawk to rip apart his skin with talons as sharp as razors that cuts through him like butter. This was Zeus’ punishment for Prometheus because he gave the humans the most sacred thing to the gods which was fire!

“If Prometheus is discovered the humans will stop honoring me forever because of my cruelty.” Zeus said out loud.

Then a soft voice came out of nowhere. “Zeus, it’s me Demeter. I couldn’t help overhearing you and I was wondering if I can help.”

“How can you do that?” questioned Zeus.

“I thought I could grow trees around Prometheus to keep him hidden.” answered Demeter. “Think about it then let me know if you need me.” Then she left.

Sure enough, Mr. Mountain set out for his journey later that day up to the top of the land where Prometheus was chained. Little by little, he made his way up the endless rocky land. Each night Mr. Mountain would set up camp where he was and set off again up the rocky land by sun rise. The peak where Prometheus was chained kept getting closer and closer. Each day Zeus would watch Mr. Mountain’s every move the whole day.

Zeus awoke the next morning only to find that Mr. Mountain was already half way up the towering land. Now he was desperate for help. “Demeter!” Zeus yelled.

“Yes” answered Demeter.

“I need you to grow a dense forest of trees so Mr. Mountain will have no choice but to go back down.” Zeus yelled angrily.

“By tomorrow morning at sunrise the trees will be grown.” Demeter answered confidently.

That night Mr. Mountain went to sleep unaware of what he would awake to. Sure enough, Mr. Mountain awoke in the middle of a never-ending jungle full of thick green leaves and tree trunks as big as silos. He had no idea where he was. He could only see the small human village through the brush at the bottom of the giant hill. He was so determined to get to the top that he set off through the thick maze.

When Zeus saw this he was enraged! “He is so stubborn! Why won’t he just go back down?” Zeus thought. By that time Mr. Mountain made it more than two thirds of the way there. Without thinking, Zeus whipped up an enormous thunder bolt and struck Mr. Mountain right from above. Looking down at the motionless body, Zeus started to feel guilty. In all Zeus’ anger and rage he had struck him, without thinking.

“In honor of this man’s bravery, I now declare that all the tall vast areas of land will be called Mountains!” Zeus announced in front of all the gods.

Years to come everyone will point and stare at the tall pieces of land called Mountains named after the fearless human explorer Mr. Mountain.

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