Hermes and the Girl
Jung, Age 11, Seoul, Republic of Korea

The Goddess, the Muses, all sang. Sang of something new - it was not about any of the gods or goddesses; it was about a girl.

“Sing to me, dear goddess; sing to me of the girl Athena.

Her eyes were icy grey.

She had no heart, no love, no happiness, no-”

“Er, Muse? Who’s that Athena person?” Hermes asked.

“Well, Herms, it’s the girl you were staring at yesterday. You know, the girl with the yellow hair and grey eyes? She actually looked like the goddess Athena, except for the hair,” one of the Muses, in purple robes, replied.

“Oh, but one thing to remember: I’m Hermes and NOT Herms. Get it?” His face was turning red.

* * *


“Well, well, well! Hey, Apollo! See that chick over there? Isn’t she cute?” Hermes told Apollo.

“She’s not bad, but she isn’t my type.” Apollo’s phone rang. “Oops! Gotta go! Mom’s waiting.”

* * *

“Hey, it’s that girl again! Talk to her, kiddo!” Apollo exclaimed.

The girl looked around, and her ears were twitching.

“Ugh! What’s wrong with her ears? Anyways, you should talk to her,” the god of archers suggested.

Hermes transformed into a very handsome human man, and jumped, thinking that the cloud above him would support him. But no, his prediction was wrong. Hermes started to fall.

“Ahh! Cloud! Give me the cloud!” Hermes cried.

The cloud came by his side, and he clung to a corner of it.

“Oh, what have you eaten, buddy? You’re so heavy today!” a voice came from the cloud.

“What the - you’re not supposed to speak, cloud! Now, get me up,” Hermes ordered.

“Oh, all right,” the cloud said.

The two slowly descended to the ground, near the grey-eyed girl.

Hermes stood in front of her, but she didn’t even FLINCH.

“Hel-lo! Can you see me?” Hermes asked, waving his right hand in front of her eyes.

If she could see Hermes at all, she didn’t show it. She raised a book from her bag, and lifted it up to her face. Her pupils did not move.

Hermes gasped. She was blind.

“I know you can hear me, but I know you can’t see my face. I understand. Your name was Athena, right?” Hermes talked to her.

“Aha! I got you! You’re the thief that took my contact lenses! That person knows I’m blind. Say it! Say that you took my contact lenses, and give them back now!” the girl shouted in his face.

Hermes was angry now. “What are you saying? I am the god Hermes, and if you don’t settle down, I’ll tell to the mighty Father Zeus.”

“Hah! Do you think that just because I’m blind, I can’t see your black heart? Plus, gods don’t exist,” Athena shouted again.

“Fine. If you don’t believe me, I’ll make you believe,” Hermes shouted back.

Hermes put two fingers on Athena’s eyes, and by the time he placed his hand back into his pocket, they were shining black and it glittered in the light.

She, Athena, could say nothing. She now knew that there was a being, a supernatural being, in front of her.

She looked around for her book. Its cover read, “Hermes, the Greek God of Thieves”.

“Here. Maybe you should learn humbleness from this book about you,” Athena suggested.

“I know, being a god isn’t easy, so next time we meet, why don’t we understand each other?” Hermes asked.

“Hmm. But the one who needs to do exactly that is… YOU,” Athena said. And she flew up into the air, saying, “Ha, got you, Hermes!”

“Aw! I thought I’d gotten the right girl!” Hermes cried.

“Next time. Maybe next time, you’ll get the perfect girl,” she said, “but that girl wouldn’t be me.”

As soon as Athena disappeared, another girl appeared, one who wasn’t blind. She had shining green eyes, and was the perfect type of girl Hermes had wanted.

What happened next? We don’t know, except for one thing - that Hermes was never seen again on the towering peaks of Mount Olympus.

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