Guiding Lights
Joshua, Age 11, Warsaw, Poland

Two luminous globes floated through an open window and hovered above a 12 year old boy. One of the globes sank to the level of the child’s head and glowed lightly engulfing the entire room in a light shade of magenta.

Upon waking, Kevin noticed the two iridescent balls hovering above his cranium. Stupefied he fell out of the bed with a small crash to the carpeted floor. Kevin would have yelled, but unfortunately he had an incredibly bad cough from the night before and he had lost his voice. The color of the globes transformed into a peaceful blue, Kevin realized that they were trying to signal something to him. So he looked closely and they seemed to speak to him. He understood what the globes wanted by their movements as they darted up and down almost drawing letters.

He followed the globes out of the cramped bedroom that his adopted father had assigned to him when he and his mother moved in. The globes slid outside the third story window they had come in, Kevin did not hesitate to join them. He rasped out a cry of surprise when he didn’t hover with the globes but fell to the earth.

Just before he smashed into the ground, his fall stopped and he drifted the last foot like a feather. Kevin deciphered from the moon that it was 3:00 in the morning. He felt free because he knew the globes would protect him.

The feeling of freedom lifted a weight from his back, the last few weeks had been so difficult. He had moved with his mother to a new city to live with his stepfather. At school, the other children persecuted him because he was new. His stepfather had been ignoring him and his mother seemed lost in her thoughts.

As the luminous globes meandered across the field into the forest near Kevin’s home he followed. Then suddenly they pulsed rapidly, stopped, spun and turned periwinkle. The night returned, because Kevin and globes had disappeared.

Moments later, on a planet somewhere across the universe, a boy appeared with two globes. Kevin felt a shock of electricity and it became pitch black for a few seconds, then he felt he was standing on a dirt path and saw a bonfire. He was in a different place, but not afraid. A sign next to the bonfire read, “FREAK SHOW” and a man, looking like Elvis Presley said, “Welcome Son.” From the shadows dozens of other faces peered at him, with welcoming smiles.

Greetings were exchanged, but Kevin noticed that no lips were moving, not even his. The globes had taken up a position over the bonfire and disappeared into the flames. Kevin lost track of time as he spent, what seemed like weeks with his new friends Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Then the globes beckoned him away from the campfire. They started to glow a soothing green. Kevin felt the familiar sensation of electricity and WOOSH. Kevin returned to the forest next to his home as morning was breaking. As suddenly as they had arrived, the globes disappeared.

Kevin hurried home to bed. As he snuck back into his room, he looked at his automatic calendar and smiled. Of course, it was only the next morning. After taking a shower, he went downstairs to breakfast wondering what he would tell his parents.

As Kevin slunk into the kitchen, he saw his stepfather who barely noticed him as he continued to read his newspaper. Kevin watched his stepfather intently, realizing with only a little surprise that he could read his thoughts. Kevin’s stepfather had just lost his job and was afraid that he couldn’t support his family. Kevin got up and hugged his stepfather who looked up from his newspaper and grinned. Kevin knew that his relationship with his stepfather would never be the same again.

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