Global Warming
Brendan, Age 12, Easton, CT

I think people should pay more attention to global warming. We are polluting way to much, throwing away when we could recycle, and not doing much to help it.
I think people should pay more attention to pollution. I think this because twice in the last ten years we have had the hottest recorded temperatures. According to the Arctic Climate impact Assessment, 400,000 square miles of the Arctic sea ice have melted. That amount of sea ice is approximately the size of Texas! Also the sea level has risen! It has risen by 10-20 cm over the past 100 years. We need to stop polluting or else there will be more consequences. In addition, losing the glaciers reduces the amount of usable fresh water on our planet. Also, 15-37% of all plant and animal species could be wiped out by global warming by the year 2050, which could further cause damage to our planet's ecosystem.

We should also pay attention to recycling. We should recycle because recycling allows us to reuse materials that would use up space in land fills. Did you know that the human species will last longer if you recycle paper? That is because less trees that produce oxygen are cut down. Also, people will be able to use energy longer because you're saving the energy that would have been used to make more products (like cans) that you recycled.

Lastly, we should try to not buy that many big cars. We should buy fuel efficient cars to save the planet. There are hybrid cars. Hybrid cars make the the air pollution free by transmitting less emissions like carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases into the air. They save the fuel and you don't have to count on that much oil imports. If you want to save the planet and want to make the environment pollution free, then think about purchasing the hybrid cars.

This concludes what I have to say about global warming. I think that if we start paying more attention on saving the planet, we will have a better chance on living a long life.

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