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Catherine Jinks. Genius Squad
Harcourt  $19.95  ISBN 978-0-15-205985-9 448 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 16

Give it some thought, anyway." Trader didn't seem the least bit put out. On the contrary, he was smiling again as his gaze traveled from Cadel to Sonja. Gently he plucked the yellow envelope and its contents from Cadel's hand. "I like the way you approach things," he said. "Every angle covered. It's a rare gift. We could do with more of it in Genius Squad."

"Genius Squad?"

"Our nickname."

Cadel Pigott is thrown back into the mix of ordinary life, now that Prosper English is supposedly locked up for good. He is staying with a foster family, hidden away in a city that will hopefully keep him under Prosper’s radar. Cadel is having a hard time adjusting to a home that only possesses one computer, which he is only able to use for an hour a day and his foster parents don’t understand that he needs electronics to survive! Reasons aside one of the other foster children seems to be out to make his life miserable whenever he can. That is why, when such an offer as joining the ‘Genius Squad’ arises, somehow, it looks like the only way out. Such an offering just can’t be passed up. Soon, Cadel is going to be put back onto the battlefield and back into the universe of geniuses and advanced computers. But, is that really such a safe thing to do?

This novel did not disappoint! Jinks kept up her writing skill in this newest addition to her collection. As the book before it, Genius Squad had just as many crazy plot twists, and perhaps more, interesting characters. I couldn’t look up from this book at times, due to the intricacies of the story itself! The characters are possibly the greatest part of these books, simply because they all have such personality. The way that the novel is written only continues to meld a bond with you and the main character. By the end you are wondering how Jinks could have made you connect with a story that is so fantasy-oriented. I am especially in love with Prosper English; I can’t seem to get enough of his sinister ways. Another amazing book and another killer cliffhanger! Bring on the third one!

I would recommend this book for people fourteen years of age and up. This novel involves a lot of thinking at certain points in the story. Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of crazy turns and even crazier characters! I give Genius Squad five brainy stars out of five.


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