Football Practice
Robert, Age 12, Easton, CT

There are many ways to have a good football practice. First there are three key team to a great football team. First there is defense; the point of the defense is to prevent the offense from scoring. Next the offense tries to put points on the board. Finally the special teams, is one of the most important teams for trying to get the ball back and recover the ball.

To begin with, the defense does various drills. The first drill we do is called Oklahomaís, itís a two on two drill there is a offensive linemen and a running back on defense there is a defensive lineman and a linebacker. The offense is trying to score but the defense needs to stop them. The next drill is a fumble drill we line up on the sleds and hit it for five seconds then the coach throws the ball ball behind him and we have to locate the ball. Next we work on intercepting the ball the drill we do is very hard we have to move where the ball goes and when he throws it up you have to catch it.

In addition offense is a main part of football because that is how you mainly get your points. In practice we try to run new plays so the other team does not know all of our plays. Also sometimes in practice we will watch films so we know what kind of plays the other team runs. Also we see what kind of defense they run so the offense knows what to do.

Finally we have special teams that include extra point, punt, kick, kick return, punt return. On all of them we have to try to get the ball back or try to recover the ball. Also on extra point we have to get another point after scoring a touchdown. If you can overcome the challenges of special teams you will probably win the game.

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