Sarah's Stars

Rae Bridgman. Fish and Sphinx
Great Plains $14.95  ISBN 978-1-894283-81-6  194 pg.
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

Cousins Wil and Sophie are continuing their adventures from The Serpents Spell and Amber Ambrosia in the magical world of MiddleGate, where yet another image has appeared on Wilís medallion. In this book, the kids are once again caught in a web woven by the ancient gang of the Serpentís Chain, whose medallion is in Wilís keeping. The story follows the cousins, as the Palace of the Blazing Star becomes a place of history and ancient magic.

I liked this bookís strange twists and turns, but I felt that there were only a few chapters that made me want to keep reading the book. By the time the action was just starting to come to a climax, the book was almost over. I felt there was too much unnecessary detail. The story also took a while to capture or hold my attention, because I felt it was constantly straying from the storyline. At times, I almost wanted to just skip over sections and get back to the main theme. 

However, I like the plot, feel that the book/series is worth reading and give the Fish and Sphinx three stars.


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