The Enchanted Ring
Mariyam, Age 11, Malé, Maldives

There was once a fairy named Hilda who loved making a nuisance. She once found a magic eraser and rubbed out her friend’s cat, Whiskers. She even picked her sister’s best roses and she had to plant some again! Everyone thought she was a useless fairy.
But one day, she found a ring and asked the queen what it was. She explained that it was the enchanted ring and it stopped evil magic. Hilda thought it was a wonderful souvenir so she asked if she could have it.

“That’s mine. But if you’re willing to have it, go ahead. You can only have that for a week. During that period, if you defeat anyone who’s evil, I’ll give you a special surprise,” said the queen.

Hilda tried to guess the surprise. She asked if the queen was going to give her a fancy ball gown or a special Good Luck Charm which fairies wear to get good luck, but she said no. Upset, Hilda went home and thought about the surprise all day and all night.
One day, Hilda was helping some fairies light up fire flies. Suddenly she saw the famous and evil ugly witch, Pasadena, approach them. The terrified fairies and fire flies hid in any hiding place they could find. Just then, Hilda remembered the enchanted ring. She decided to play a trick on the evil witch.

“Hallo, what are you up to today?” asked Hilda cheerfully.

“I’m going to find the enchanted ring to finish my evil plan. Did you see it?” asked Pasadena with a horrible cackle.

“Oh no, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it. By the way... oh, look over there! I think it’s the ring!” cried Hilda loudly.

The moment Pasadena spun around, Hilda pointed the ring at her.

“Defeat, destroy and banish that evil witch, Pasadena!” cried Hilda.

The ring started to glow and sent beams of red light to Pasadena. She was surrounded by them. She started to scream, but she was gone in a matter of seconds.

“She’s gone! She’ll never come back! You all are safe!” said Hilda.

That evening, the queen held a special party. She thanked Hilda for saving her kingdom from a dangerous plan of Pasadena, and everyone agreed that Hilda was no longer a useless fairy. And guess what the surprise was? Well, the queen gave the enchanted ring to Hilda for herself!

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