Sarah's Stars

Shenaaz Nanji. Child of Dandelions
Second Story $9.95 ISBN 978-1-897187-50-0 215 pg. 
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 16

Bina, it's always darkest right before dawn.

Sabine is living right in the middle of an intense war in Uganda, a country filled with hostilities towards East Indian people, a people who have lived there all their lives. Sabine’s family fights to keep their place but things only get worse. Everywhere they turn there is another problem, another announcement, another rule. Somehow they can’t seem to escape the violence and the racism. As hard as this makes her life, Sabine is determined to live it as a normal teenage girl…she is still practicing her dancing for the big performance coming up.

A gripping novel that will keep you interested in the story until the very end. This novel brought new light to a situation that I never knew existed. It was well written as seen through a young girl’s point of view amidst the crushing civil war around her. I loved this point of view so much because of how accurate it seemed. A girl her age would be terrified and would be trying to make sense of everything, while still trying to be normal. Another huge part of this book is the description. The way that emotions or scenery is described sends you into their world, captivating you. Readers won’t be able to get enough of the luxurious wording. The characters themselves are loveable as well as believable. They fit into the plot so well, and create an extreme effect due to your connections with them. A read you’ll be unable to resist.

I would recommend this novel for people thirteen years of age and up. It is an excellent story and history lesson. However there is some content that may be questionable for younger audiences.

I give this book five fighting stars out of five.


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