Chanel, Age 11, Purcellville, VA

Juliana thinks she’s so cool.
Just because she has the most amazing hair,
Or her brother runs around playing football like a monkey.
Or she and her friends carry Vera Bradley bags.
Cam is not a cool kid.
She won a medal in soccer,
She also aced the math test.
But she doesn’t show it because others will laugh.
Cam wants to be friends with Juliana.
But she cannot cross the invisible barrier that its pushing them apart.
Juliana has her own friends,
And doesn’t want to share.
Cam wants to yell to the world,
“I can change!”
“I can carry Vera Bradley bags and wear Abercrombie clothes!”
“I can be cool too!”
As Cam watches Juliana,
Her friend, Jess, calls her name.
Cam turns around, grinning,
Who cares about cool people when you have friends?

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