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Ray Marshall. The Castaway Pirates
Chronicle Books  $19.99  ISBN 978-0-8118-5923-3
Reviewed by Mena, Age 14

The pirate captain Runny Nose has gotten his crew into huge trouble. They have abandoned their ship and now their lifeboat has sprung a leak! They use many of the captain’s possessions to try and stop the springing leak with increasingly disastrous results; and still the shark gets closer.

A leak! A leak!
We’ve sprung a leak!

Do something quick!” the captain shrieked.
“Or it’s way-hey-ho and down we go!”

And as the waters rose,
a gray shark showed his nose.

This cute pop-up book is absolutely charming. My sister, 6, and my brother, 2, loved it so much that they wanted to keep rereading it, exclaiming over the pop-ups and the crazy leak ever time. They keep bugging me to read it again as a bedtime story for them. Even I, at 14, thought it was great. I liked the illustrations and the rhymes that gave the book character. I loved the end, with all their feet in the water. The way the geyser of water got bigger and bigger and the more objects the pirates put on was well illustrated.

I think The Castaway Pirates is an awesome pop-up book for little kids aged two to seven. A five star book! Way-hey-ho!


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