Paula, Age 10, Calgary, AB

“Paula, please take the attendance down,” said Mrs. Wiens. “

‘I answered, “Sure.”

By the way (btw) my name is Paula (obviously) and I have brown eyes and black hair I am short and I like it. So off I went starting my dangerous adventure to the office. First I had to cross the crooked and unstable bridge. I looked down; below me was burning hot lava! I had to be careful; one of the pieces of wood might be loose.

Then I began thinking, “boy, I want to go back”. But there was no turning back now. At last I got to the end of the bridge. But I never knew I had to climb Mount Everest. I could do it, no; I could not do it without an oxygen mask! I had to do it or I would be late for first period!

Climb, climb, and climb suddenly I heard a sound that was like an avalanche. In front of me was a huge shadow.

I slowly turned, could it be big foot? Well it was! I didn’t know how to face him; the only thing I thought was, “RUN!!”

So guess what? I ran! I ran up Mount Everest, ran, ran, ran, ran, and ran for my life.

“That was a long way,” I said to myself panting like a dog. I was safe now. At least I thought I was. But then I realized that I was sinking, sinking, and sinking in quick snow! If there was such a thing but here in this situation there is! Guess what? I had to RUN again, so I did. I raced through the quick snow, and jumped on vines.
Wait a second here vines in winter?

Finally there it was - the glorious office.

“I’m here, I’m in the office,” I shouted. Off I went into the office and dropped the attendance in the basket. Phew I was done my job, but not quite, I realized. I had to do this all over again in order to go to class. So, run, run, and run!

I was exhausted when I got back but at least I’m right here in class again.

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