Caleb, Age 12, Logan, OH

It was night. My friend and I wanted to find answers. Answers about the mysterious blur that had reportedly been said to suck stuff up into another dimension. The blur was also said to have been found in the high school.

It was just Bob and I. We brought with us a couple of flashlights, a night vision camera and a small hand vacuum (hoping to suck the mist or blur up). I also brought a hairpin.

As we approached the doors I unlocked the doors with my hairpin.

We snuck in quietly and turned on the flashlights. Bob held the camera and began to roll the tape.

At first it was quiet and eerie, as if you had this sense something was stalking or watching you.

Whoosh! A strong breeze of wind blew by. These chills ran down my back and got me a little freaked out.


"Ah!", we yelled in unison. The door behind us slammed. We turned around and examined it.

"Natural", said Bob.

"Yeah, I hope that was the wind."

As we trudged on a heavy, deep fog came upon us.

"Hey! Bob! Where'd you go?"

"Ah! No! It's got me! Ah!"

I ran in the direction of his voice, only to meet the face of a brick wall.

I fell to the floor nearly crying, scared of what's to come. I searched for the exit with my flashlight but the fog was too thick.

Click, click, click, click...

My flashlight went dead.


I made a panicking run to the nearest room which seemed to be a science room from the sign next to the door.

I entered, the room had science posters with claw marks and a dripping faucet. The chairs and desks were bent and in pieces thrown all over the room. The windows were shattered with glass spread across the floor.

I turned my head, I wish I wouldn't have, because when my face met the blackboard I wanted to call for my mommy.

On the board was a message.


I stepped back in fear. As I stepped back I felt a cold breeze blow by. A blurry picture of a young girl was then in front of me.

She was pale and young.

I shook and shivered.

"Are you... scared?", the girl calmly asked.

She walked towards me.

"BOO." she said.

Flash! My vision suddenly went white.

I couldn't see. Moments later my vision cleared. A savage girl appeared blowing everything in the room everywhere. Then I was hit on the head by a hand. I sat up in my chair in science class.

Bob was trying to get me awake.

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