After School Activities
Aaron, Age 12, Easton, CT

After school clubs and activities are excellent. I believe this for many reasons. I will only share a few of these reasons with you now. First, they give you something to do after school instead of television. Secondly you might actually learn something and last you can make new friends. So come see how you can make your time after school fun.

Now, I know youíre thinking thatís not true. Television is so much better than an after school activity, why stay in school when I can be playing a video game. Well, I will tell you. After school activities are sometimes sports oriented and are a source of exercise. So you can choose to be a couch potato or be active and play sports. Donít you think being active and playing sports with friends after school is better than watching television? I donít know about you, but I sure think so.

I know you think anything educational is boring, and that even homework is better than more educational learning. I think differently. In a club like weather club, although educational itís still fun, because Mrs. Maggi puts an awesome twist on learning. For example, the other day we were learning about air pressure. What better way to learn about air pressure than with the egg pulled into a bottle trick. These educational twists that teachers can apply to learning make after school clubs that much more fun. During these clubs you find yourself learning without knowing that you are learning something new. Isnít that amazing?

Making Friends. I personally think it is hard to make a new friend while playing a video game, and virtual friends donít count. In an after school club it is a great time to socialize with some friends, old ones and the new ones. A sports club such as volleyball consists of teams. You may or may not know everyone on the team. But sports clubs and groups force you to spend time in a joint effort to win. This helps create lasting friendships. This may fix old relationships and start new ones. In the long run friendships are a good thing to have.

So as you can see after school activities are very fun, good exercise, and great education. So why not try some new activities. I know I had fun trying new activities, so why donít you try some! You definitely wonít regret joining a club.

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