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Issue #75 (December 2008)

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bullet Aaron. After School Activities
bullet Lindsey. Alexandria of Africa (Review)
bullet Caleb. Answers
bullet Paula. Attendance
bullet Raven. I Hear Autumn
bullet Craig. You Can't Go Back
bullet Lindsey. How to be Bad (Review)
bullet Tyler. Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock (Review)
bullet Peter. Ball
bullet Ezri. Baseball
bullet Kelsey. Quietly Beautiful
bullet Jack. Ben
bullet Nate. My Bike
bullet Christian. Blood and Sand
bullet Lindsey. Bog Child (Review)
bullet Cori. The Right to be Bored
bullet Brooklyn. Bunny
bullet Lindsey. One Hundred Shining Candles (Review)
bullet Mena. The Castaway Pirates (Review)
bullet Priyanka. Christmas
bullet Adam. Comeback
bullet Chanel. Cool
bullet Kennedy. Croc Boy
bullet Mariah. Crystals of Me
bullet Melissa. Child of Dandelions (Review)
bullet Lindsey. The Devil's Breath (Review)
bullet Callahan. Walking Duncan
bullet Mariyam. The Enchanted Ring
bullet Alyssa. Explosion
bullet Mena. Fish and Sphinx (Review)
bullet Robert. Football Practice
bullet Kristina. Freedom
bullet Melissa. Genius Squad (Review)
bullet Brendan. Global Warming
bullet Annie. My Grandma
bullet Priyanka. Green
bullet Joshua. Guiding Lights
bullet Paul. Dean "Dime Bag" Darrell's Guitar
bullet Chantal. Halloween
bullet Kristina. My Heartbeat
bullet Jung. Hermes and the Girl
bullet Mariah. You Hurt Me
bullet Joe. Julian Rodriguez: Trash Crisis on Earth (Review)
bullet Chris. A Day in the Life of a Lightning Rod
bullet Breandi. A Lonely Person
bullet Mark. Lost!
bullet Al. Man in the Mountain
bullet Lindsey. The Bite of the Mango (Review)
bullet Joshua. Messy Room
bullet Lindsey. Moon and Sun: The Ruby Key (Review)
bullet Kamryn. Mud
bullet Alyssa. Music
bullet Amy. Natalie's New Home
bullet Adriel. Screwed Up Neighborhood
bullet Kristina. Now I See You
bullet Rosa. Pat the Bat's Night Out
bullet Lindsey. Prom Dates from Hell (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Sacred Leaf (Review)
bullet Nick. Scorpagon
bullet Erica. Seasons
bullet Melissa. Y in the Shadows (Review)
bullet Bobby. Stop Smoking
bullet Joshua. Snapshots of Yours Truly
bullet Jul. Spiders
bullet Julia. Story Time
bullet Rachael. The Thing that Made Us Stronger
bullet Jarrett. The Day My Stupidity Got Out of Control
bullet Victoria. The Surfboard
bullet Peter. Teamwork
bullet Mariah. Tears That Aren't Heard
bullet Alyssa. Without a Thought
bullet Raven. I'll Try Again Tomorrow
bullet Becky. Trick or Treat
bullet Alex. Unlucky
bullet Anastasia. Wendel and the Great One (Review)
bullet Alyssa. Winds
bullet Serena-Ella. I Wish
bullet Lindsey. Would You (Review)

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