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Issue #74 (November 2008)

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bullet Lindsey. Amber Ambrosia (Review)
bullet Mena. Amber Ambrosia (Review)
bullet Megha. Ball
bullet Caleb. Big Dreams
bullet Marissa. My 12th Birthday
bullet Cheryl. The Bitter-Sweet Fragrance in My Tea Cup
bullet Tyler. BMX Tunnel Run (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Bonechiller (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Broken Soup (Review)
bullet Lindsey. The Calder Game (Review)
bullet Brian. Carly
bullet Josefine. Christmas
bullet Daisey. The Coaster Chase
bullet Joe. The Cobra King of Kathmandu (Review)
bullet Molly. My Primary Colors
bullet Sebastian. Computers
bullet Lindsey. Criss Cross (Review)
bullet Jocelyn. Crying
bullet Luis. Dad and a Cat
bullet Nanditha. Distraction
bullet Lindsey. The Dragon in the Sock Drawer (Review)
bullet Giacomo. My Dreams and Hopes
bullet Carrie. Getting Over My Fear
bullet Luis. Friend or Foe
bullet Angela. The Unusual Footsteps
bullet Thomas. Friend-Enemy
bullet Samantha. Good Bye
bullet Lindsey. Graceling (Review)
bullet Jack. Halloween
bullet Jack. Heroes of the Past
bullet Allie. Hunter's Anticipation
bullet Larissa. It's Me!
bullet Joe. Knights of the Lunch Table (Review)
bullet Ola. Dirty Lips
bullet Alex. The Lottery Ticket
bullet Martha. Magical World
bullet Lindsey. The Magician (Review)
bullet Vlad. Me
bullet Carter. Once Upon a Moonlit Sea
bullet Patric. Multiple
bullet Lindsey. The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie (Review)
bullet Daisey. Once Upon a Fairy Tale
bullet Sierra. One Day
bullet Benjamin & Mickey. Penguin Power
bullet Bobby. The Perfect Race
bullet Tyler. Magic Pickle (Review)
bullet Joe. You Can Save the Planet (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Possession (Review)
bullet Josefine. Skiing
bullet Max. Soccer
bullet Jin Hong. I Am a Soccer Ball
bullet Mena. The Unknown Soldier (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Something Borrowed (Review)
bullet Lindsey. Spells and Sleeping Bags (Review)
bullet Mariana. Square Number
bullet Kimmy. Stitches: What Not to Do
bullet Sam. The Storm
bullet Miguel. Team Building
bullet Keon Woo. Me and a Tree
bullet Lindsey. Violet in Private (Review)
bullet Aine. Water Fun
bullet Andy. Into the Wild
bullet Ola. I Dream of Wings
bullet Keon Woo. I Wonder
bullet Prarthana. Our World
bullet Tyler. Zac Power: Mind Games (Review)

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