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Issue #71 (July 2008)

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bullet Prarthana. Ansel's Chocolate City Dream
bullet Austin. New Baby Brother
bullet Georgia. The Best Day of My Life
bullet Taylor. Brothers
bullet Jonathan. Cage
bullet Julilah. My Cat
bullet Helen. Chocolate Double Fudge
bullet Heather. Double-Dare Clare (Review)
bullet Emily. Like a Floating Cloud
bullet Natasha. Diamonds
bullet Danielle. I Did
bullet Hailey. Dragon as a Pet
bullet Ashley. Dear Earth
bullet Joe. I'm Exploding Now (Review)
bullet Keegan. Eye of the Crow (Review)
bullet Victoria. Fairy Friends (Review)
bullet Caitlyn. Fresh Dead Fish
bullet Alana. Flashback
bullet Madison. Friendship
bullet Tara. Go On
bullet Madeline. Halloween Night
bullet Tyler. Iron Thunder (Review)
bullet Lindsey. LaRue for Mayor: Letters from the Campaign Trail (Review)
bullet Christian. Life
bullet Michaela. Love
bullet Heather. Mattland (Review)
bullet Emily. Memories
bullet Kendra. Message to Loved Ones
bullet Emily. Miscarriage
bullet Hailey. My Mom
bullet Ashley. Moon and Stars
bullet Emily. Music
bullet Josh. The Mystery of the Cream Pie Factory
bullet Hiba. Wake Up Pakistan!
bullet Sydney. PillowTopia
bullet Brendan. I Cannot Write a Poem
bullet Emily. Rain
bullet Ashley. Raindrops
bullet Joe. Revenge of the Living Dummy (Review)
bullet Lindsey. The Serpent's Spell (Review)
bullet Nicole. The Shimmering Box
bullet Emily. Silence
bullet Rachel. Miss Slush
bullet Kevin. Rescuing a Baby Squirrel: The True Story of Snickers
bullet Ashley. Spring
bullet Danielle. My Story
bullet Ashna. Survival of Our Nature
bullet Ashley. Swimming
bullet Andrea. Teen Life
bullet Heather. Timothy and the Strong Pajamas (Review)
bullet Eliza. True Story
bullet Heather. Unexpected
bullet Lindsey. Wave (Review)
bullet Kristina. Why Can't I Say I Love You?
bullet Ashley. Writing
bullet Kristina. Your Love

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